What to Do When Your Airbnb Guests Leave Your Rental Messy

What to Do When Your Airbnb Guests Leave Your Rental Messy 

Imagine it, your first AirBnB has just left, and now it’s time to assess the situation. The minute you enter you are greeted with strange odors and a nightmare of a cleanup facing you. People can be gross; old, smelly food, garbage all over the place, and a ruined bathroom.

Rest assured it won’t end there. As the owner of a listing hosted on AirBnB, you can expect you will have steps available to you, steps that would help recuperate the time wasted cleaning and the damages these guests may have left behind. 

Leave a Review for the Customer

The thing that a lot of people forget about AirBnB is the fact that the platform listens to the listing owners as well. That means you, as one of these owners, can talk with your fellow homeowners and help each other avoid nightmare guests.

This is why the review process at the end of each stay is important. This is where you can discuss the dirty details of guests and help protect your fellow listing owners avoid a similar situation. 

Don’t forget to be concise and honest. You don’t need to write a novela but don’t hold back on the details. Keep in mind though that exaggerating won’t help you here. Just be clear and honest with your feedback.

Compensation for Expenses

Don’t think that you’re stuck with all the expenses. Assuming you’ve only just found out about the mess, take pictures before getting started on your cleanup. Also, if the mess they left behind was so bad that you had to hire outside help, keep a copy of the invoice. 

These documents will help you prove your case. Attach these to a message that you’ll compose through AirBnB’s platform through the Send or Request Money section. From here, you can make your claim and the customer will have around 72 hours to respond.

This will also apply even if you didn’t hire outside help. Given that the mess might have ruined your schedule, you can claim that the trouble they caused prevented you from earning what you could in the time that it took you to clean up after them. Of course, you will need proof that your operations were affected.

Organize the Cleanup

Once all that is settled, it’s time to address the elephant in the room. What a lot of people mistake with cleaning is that they think you can just do things on the fly. 

The thing is, while it may still get the job done there are better ways to go about it. For example, creating an order of priority will help you clean things much more efficiently, speeding things up for you. 

The best way to do this is to create a list with all the basic steps for cleaning up. For example, your list can look something like this.

  • Room inspection
  • Remove bed sheets, couch covers
  • Vacuum floors and surfaces
  • Empty trash cans
  • Inspect bathrooms

Your list may differ and will continue to change as you go along. That’s because each person will have their own preferences so don’t be surprised if you find yourself altering the order of things or adding/removing items from the list.


The point is, people are unpredictable so it’s best when we’re prepared. Don’t let your guests give you too much trouble and learn how you can be compensated for damages so that you can keep your business going. 

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