3 Things You Need to Thoroughly Clean in Your Carpet

Carpets are undeniably among the most comfortable types of flooring. They help muffle sounds and insulate rooms from temperature swings. However, they do have their fair share of drawbacks, such as being notoriously difficult to clean.

Carpet fibers work their way into every nook and cranny, the space between baseboards and the carpeted floor, the tiny creases around door and window frames, and the undersides of cabinets and appliances. As the fibers pile up, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to be removed.

Carpet fibers also attract dirt, dust, pet hair, and other debris. They hold onto the dust, debris, and pet hair, so once it’s in, it stays in. As such, the cleanup process becomes a whole lot worse.

Aside from the cleanup process, which can take a lot of time, carpets can also be tough to keep clean. Here are three dirty secrets your carpet could be hiding and how you can get rid of them forever:

  1. Dust

Carpets attract a lot of dust from inside and outside the house. Those bits of dust and dirt are going to get down in the fibers, and once they pile up, the whole room can be a nightmare for those with allergies. The dust can also discolor your carpet, which can be rather unsightly.

You can try to clean the dust out, but there’s only so much you can do. When you vacuum the carpets with a regular vacuum, you will not be able to clean out all the dirt, especially if you have a double-sided carpet. 

The best way to remove the dust is by using a high-powered vacuum cleaner. Choose a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter if you have allergies.

  1. Pet Hair

Pet hair is another big problem for carpet owners. Even if you vacuum often, some pet hair will still be present. You’ll find it in the oddest places, like underneath your couch or under your table.

The best way to clean up pet hair is to use a lint roller. Lint rollers are great for getting rid of pet hair from clothes, and they can also be used on carpets. However, this method takes a lot of time. 

If you want a thoroughly clean carpet free from pet hair, the best thing you can do is vacuum your carpet frequently. You should be vacuuming your carpets every day to remove the pet hair and avoid buildup.

  1. Fungi

When you live in a warm climate, the one thing you don’t want to see growing in your carpet is fungi. These microorganisms are fast-growing and can quickly ruin your beautiful and comfortable carpet. They can spread like wildfire across your room if they’re left unattended, so it’s best to inspect your carpeting every once in a while.

Fungi grow in places that are warm and moist. Water spills attract them to your carpet, and they will find their way into the deepest fibers of the carpet. Afterward, they’ll begin to digest and destroy your carpet.

The best way to save your carpets from being destroyed by fungi is to clean them regularly. Start by brushing any loose dirt and debris out of them. You also need to vacuum the carpets to ensure there’s nothing left behind.


Carpets are beautiful additions to a home, as they look fantastic and provide your home with more than just a cold, hard floor. However, they can be a challenge to keep sanitary. It’s best to clean them regularly to preserve them and keep your home as safe and protected as possible.

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