Benefits of Regular Carpet Cleaning

Keeping your space clean should be a breeze—if you do it often and consistently enough. You don’t necessarily have to be so strict about your cleaning schedule so long as you don’t forget to do it. However, specific areas require more frequent cleaning.

Dust and bacteria build up quickly in spaces where people come and go frequently.  One of the most common areas this can happen is on the carpet. It can be hard to tell precisely how dirty a rug is, especially when it’s colored or patterned. Unless it’s emitting odors, visibly covered in dust, or crawling with bugs, you never really know how clean it is. 

But something that gets a lot of foot traffic is bound to be hosting many dirt and bacteria. Here is why you need to clean your carpet often:

Foot Traffic

Carpets serve many purposes. It can be decorative, insulate against the cold, make a room more comfortable, give you something clean to step on, and so on. It is because of those reasons that it can get filthy.

Whether it is a commercial space or home, carpets are stepped on daily. Where those people have been and what shoes they’re wearing can add more to the dust and bacteria living in the carpet.

Stains and Spills

Getting a stain out of your carpet can be a painstaking process, depending on what was spilled. Children’s snacks will definitely leave crumbs and debris that the eye cannot quite catch. Liquids are even harder to clean. 

You’ll be lucky if all the spillage your carpet sees is water, but if you have children or even clumsy adults spilling drinks and things on your carpet, you could have permanent stains. 


It’s not just dirt, dust, even bacteria that can live on your carpet. The warmth alone can attract bed bugs. Dust mites can also find a home in your carpet. Avoiding this creepy crawlies will require regular deep cleaning.


Cats, dogs, and other furry animals contribute a lot to a dirty carpet as well. Like humans, these animals will be coming and going from various places to bring in dirt and bacteria inside the home. 


Smoke from cooking, burning damage, and recreational smoking can fill the room. Even after you clear it from the space, the smoke will attach to the carpet. Once it gets trapped in the fibers and padding, it can be tough to get out.

Benefits of a Clean Carpet

Aside from getting rid of all that bacteria, a clean carpet will significantly improve your environment. In a work setting, a clean rug improves worker morale and the general atmosphere. It is satisfying and pleasant to be around. It can also give people a clean space to relax. 

At home, a clean carpet improves the look of any room. It can also be a space for people to sit or lounge about without worrying about what they might getting on their hands and clothes.

The Bottom Line

Carpets can enhance any room, but a clean carpet can improve a person’s mood. There are plenty of reasons to clean your carpet regularly, but none as appealing as the reassurance and peace of mind that no bugs or bacteria are living in the carpet. Especially at home, where people tend to lie on the floor, the carpet should be clean and safe.

Regardless of where your carpet is and what purpose it serves, cleaning and upkeep can be difficult. Queen Bee Cleaning offers everything from house cleaning to deep cleaning and carpet cleaning services in the area of Seattle. We promise you a clean and fresh environment once we finish!

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