Office Cleaning Checklist 

Keeping an office clean and tidy is essential for a productive work environment. An office cleaning checklist can help to ensure that all areas of the office are being properly cleaned and maintained.

It can also help to reduce the risk of illness, improve morale, and keep the office a pleasant place to work. A good office cleaning checklist should include all the necessary tasks to keep the office looking its best, from taking out the trash to wiping down desks and vacuuming the floors.

It should also specify which tasks should be done and when, as well as how often they should be done. With the right office cleaning checklist, you can ensure that your office is always in top condition and that your staff is always working in a safe and healthy environment.

Daily Office Cleaning Checklist

As a general rule, you should try to ensure that all tasks on your daily checklist are completed every single day. You may find that certain tasks only need to be done on certain days, but try not to let them accumulate; these tasks should be done on their due date every time.

For daily tasks that are done on a recurring basis, it can be helpful to have a recurring task on your checklist so you don’t have to remember to do these tasks each day. Daily tasks that should be included on your daily checklist include the following:

Workspaces and Meeting Areas

While desks and work spaces should be cleaned daily, meeting and conference rooms may only need to be cleaned once a week or less. Meeting rooms are usually used for shorter periods of time and therefore may not require as much cleaning as work areas.

Daily tasks that should be included on your workspace and meeting area checklist include:

  • Remove any garbage from containers and, if necessary, change the liners. Deliver garbage to a collection location. 
  • Clean and polish the water cooler or drinking fountain. 
  • Vacuum the carpet. 
  • Dust all horizontal surfaces including desks, folders, windowsills, chairs, tables, picture frames, and all other types of furniture. 
  • To get rid of coffee spills and any food remains and stains, clean all surfaces with a multi-surface cleaner.
  • Use a broom and mop to clean hard-surface floors. 
  • Wipe down all windows and glass. 


The kitchen is often where most germs are spread, as it’s the place where you store and prepare food. It is, therefore, essential to keep the kitchen clean and disinfected to prevent the spread of illness and disease.

Clean your kitchen daily to reduce the risk of bacteria and germs spreading throughout your office. Daily tasks that should be included on your kitchen cleaning checklist include:

  • Clean out trash cans and get new waste bags.
  • Clean the tables, chairs, sinks, and counters.
  • Clean your kitchen appliances, including the microwave and coffee makers.
  • Refill dish soap, hand towels, and kitchen towels.
  • Clean the kitchen floors.


The bathroom is another area that should be kept very clean, as a dirty bathroom can draw bacteria into the rest of the office. Clean your bathroom every day to keep germs and bacteria from spreading. Daily tasks that should be included on your bathroom cleaning checklist include the following:

  • Restock the hand soap, toilet paper, and paper towels.
  • Clean the urinals and toilets.
  • Clean all glass and mirrors.
  • Surfaces in the bathroom, such as the counters, doorknobs, towel, or hand dryer attachments, should be disinfected.
  • Clean and disinfect all basins.
  • Mop the flooring and tiles.

Weekly Office Cleaning Checklist

You should be cleaning your office thoroughly at least once a week. These tasks should be more involved than the daily tasks, and they should include every area of the office. 

Weekly tasks that should be included on your cleaning checklist include: 

  • Deep clean the meeting rooms and workspaces.
  • Clean and disinfect kitchen appliances and fixtures.
  • Scrub down and disinfect bathroom fixtures.
  • Sweep and vacuum all floors.
  • Clean windows and fixtures.
  • Dust furniture.
  • Wipe down and vacuum ceiling fans and vents.
  • Vacuum stairwells.
  • Clean and organize desk drawers.

Monthly Office Cleaning Checklist

Monthly tasks are usually much more extensive than weekly tasks and are used to thoroughly clean your office and ensure that germs and bacteria are kept to a minimum. 

Monthly tasks that should be included on your cleaning checklist include: 

  • Vacuum drapes, exhaust fans, vents, and upholstered furniture.
  • Clean the walls.
  • Clean carpets in busy regions with carpet cleaner.
  • Examine the air filters and replace them as necessary.
  • Clean the window sills and blinds.
  • Clean and disinfect heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.
  • Clean and disinfect elevator shafts.

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Office cleaning is an important and necessary part of running a successful business. A clean office encourages healthy and happy employees as well as positive client relationships. Make sure to check off all the items on your office cleaning checklist to keep your office clean, tidy, and healthy.

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