Bathroom Checklist

Even though most people probably spend a lot of time in their bathrooms, it’s surprising how many people neglect the small details in this space. You might use your bathroom a few times a day, but it’s likely that not everyone will see it that often.

However, by regularly cleaning this space, you can avoid any embarrassment if anyone were to happen to see it. This checklist is meant to be used on a recurring basis. After all, no one would want to live in a messy house indefinitely.

Keeping track of these tasks once per week or even once per day is the key to keeping things as tidy and sanitary as possible.

Daily Bathroom Tasks

There are a number of daily tasks that are essential for the everyday upkeep of your bathroom space. These are relatively simple tasks that don’t take too long to complete, but they are crucial to keeping your bathroom clean and organized.

  • Put away any toiletries that you’re not currently using so that they don’t become cluttered.
  • Hang up the towels: Hanging up your towels simply takes a few moments and will prevent unwelcome mold and mildew as well as an unnecessary load of washing.
  • Wipe down any frequently touched surfaces throughout the day, such as the counter, toilet seat, and faucet handles.
  • Clean the floors of your bathroom: This is one of the quickest ways to make your bathroom look a lot cleaner and more inviting.
  • Throw out any used tissues, paper towels, or toilet paper to help prevent the spreading of germs and clutter.
  • Clean the mirror with a glass cleaner. 

Weekly Bathroom Tasks

The weekly tasks on your bathroom checklist are a bit more involved than the daily ones. But they should still be fairly easy and quick to accomplish. These tasks include things like cleaning the bathroom’s floors and walls, scrubbing the toilet bowl, and vacuuming the space.

  • Clean the shower: Weekly cleaning of the shower is essential because mold and mildew form quickly in this humid environment. The best way to clean the shower is to first use a scrub brush to remove any loose dirt and grime. Then, use a cleaning agent to remove any stains and build-up. 
  • Scrub the floor and the walls of your bathroom: No matter how clean you keep your bathroom, a layer of grime will build up over time, especially if you have tile or vinyl flooring. You might even notice a difference in color if you don’t scrub them often enough. The same goes for the walls.
  • Clean the sink: Every week, the sink should be wiped out with a soft cloth and cleaning agent. Avoid using abrasive materials because they can scratch and dull the surface.
  • Clean and scrub the toilet: It’s surprising how dirty the inside of a toilet bowl can get, even if you keep it clean on a daily basis. Weekly toilet bowl cleaning will remove stains and keep odors at bay.
  • Vacuum and dust the furniture and the floor: As part of the weekly cleaning, the furniture and the ground should be dusted and vacuumed or mopped. The furniture should be dusted at least once per week.
  • Empty the trash can. 

Monthly Bathroom Tasks

As you move into the monthly tasks on your bathroom checklist, the tasks will begin to become more tedious. However, if you time your cleaning correctly, these tasks should be relatively easy to complete.

  • Organize and declutter your medicine cabinet: Medicine cabinets are notorious for becoming messy, especially when people use them to store more than just a few over-the-counter medications. Clean out your medicine cabinet once a month to keep it in order.
  • Wipe down the walls of your bathroom: This will help prevent mildew, mold, and other growths from forming along the walls of your bathroom.
  • Clean the bathtub: This task can be a bit more cumbersome than cleaning the toilet since you’ll likely have to use a few different cleaning products.
  • Clean your ceiling and walls using an indoor cleaning solution.

Seasonal Bathroom Tasks

The seasonal tasks on your bathroom checklist are primarily maintenance-related tasks that have to do with preventing wear and tear on your bathroom’s fixtures and features.

  • Wipe down the handles and knobs on your bathroom doors: This will help prevent them from getting dusty or grimy over time.
  • Seal the surfaces again: By resealing your countertops and shower surfaces every few months, you can maintain their natural beauty.
  • Clean the baseboards: In bathrooms, baseboards tend to collect every last bit of dust. To restore the sheen, use a microfiber cloth or a specialized wood cleaner if they are made of wood.
  • Clean up the exhaust fan: Even though it may be out of sight, cleaning the exhaust fan is crucial at least once every six months, if not every season. Failure to do so can reduce the fan’s efficiency, which causes an accumulation of excess moisture or mold in your bathroom.

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The bathroom is the room that is neglected the most and, at the same time, the room that requires the most maintenance and cleaning. It’s important to keep track of all the tasks that need to be done in this room and to keep a schedule of when they should be performed.

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