Essential Things to Remember in Keeping Your Airbnb Spotless

Cleanliness is crucial to the guests. According to Airbnb data, one of the primary reasons people leave a poor review is a lack of cleanliness. 

On the other hand, a spotless space can lead to good reviews and an excellent rating for your listing. 

Read this article if you are in this industry and looking to gain more returning customers. We have listed below vital reminders in maintaining your Airbnb’s cleanliness.

Build a Routine

Even if doing the same tasks every day may become dull to you, having a routine saves you a lot of time. This easily reminds you of all chores you need to do and lets you know what to go over next on your list. 

Take a look at a sample routine you can adopt for your business:

  • Go to the bathroom and use one of the towels to clean the shower. 
  • Take the sheets, kitchen towels, and used towels and put them in the laundry bag.
  • From designated storage boxes, collect new sheets, towels, and kitchen cloths.
  • Start wiping down all of the surfaces.
  • Empty the trash can.
  • Clean the floors and high-traffic areas such as bedside tables.

You will not forget anything, and your Airbnb will always be sparkling clean if you stick to the same routine every day.

Forget the Ironing

Ironing is one of the most time-consuming tasks you can perform. It is time to cross this task off your Airbnb housekeeping to-do list.

Guests are almost always unbothered by wrinkly sheets, so stop wasting time on this task. Instead, make the bed, as usual, then pull the duvet cover nice and tight. 

Otherwise, if the thought of not ironing bothers you, fill a spray bottle with water and add a slight fragrance like lavender or rose. Lightly spritz the infused water over the top of the bed and tighten it up once more. This will reduce creases and leave your linen smelling fresh and clean after washing it.

Make the Bed

In less than two minutes, you can make a hotel-style bed on your own. The secret is to keep everything neat at all times.

In addition to looking professional, you don’t have to iron fresh sheets because they do not have creases.

Take Advantage of a Cleaning Caddy

A cleaning caddy is an Airbnb owner’s lifesaver. It will keep all of your cleaning supplies in one location, so you do not have to walk back and forth looking for something you have forgotten. 

We recommend picking a caddy with several compartments and a handle, which is ideal for carrying and multitasking. A top-quality caddy is a must-have item on your Airbnb housekeeping supplies.

Use the Vacuum for All Surfaces

If you do not want unfavorable ratings for your Airbnb, use the vacuum on all surfaces and not only the floors. This equipment is also more effective than a duster that spreads the dust around. 

Make sure to run the vacuum over common surfaces, such as tables, floor edges, cabinet insides, shelf tops, windowsills, and so on. 


Keep a copy of our list above, and you will never have to waste your time doing chores that do not necessarily affect your Airbnb ratings. Although cleaning can be quite overwhelming at times, you can definitely be more efficient by following our tips above. 

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