7 Tips to Make Your Post-Christmas Cleanup a Breeze

7 Tips to Make Your Post-Christmas Cleanup a Breeze

The conclusion of the holiday season can bring about lots of emotions for people. For many people, relief is the primary emotion, while others feel sadness or satisfaction. However, most people feel one emotion in common: dread. 

There are many reasons why people dread cleaning up the holiday decorations. Perhaps they’ve never done it before, or they have a hard time getting everything put away. Whatever the reason, cleaning up after the holidays can be a daunting task. This blog post will give you five tips for dealing with this task. We’ll help you get organized so that you can have your living room presentable by January.

  1. Keep a “To Do” List:

Nothing helps get a task completed like a To-Do list. Even though you might complete your annual Christmas decorations by December 23, you should still keep a list of the remaining tasks. You can check items off your list as you finish them. If you are the type of person who works better with deadlines, set a deadline for yourself for when all the tasks should be completed.

  1. Set Up a “Clean Up” Station:

You don’t want to be picking up wrapping paper from under the tree days after Christmas. Set up a station for wrapping paper, bows and ribbon, and other assorted Christmas decorations. This will also keep your living room looking clean and organized.

  1. Host a “Clean Up” Party:

Whether it’s inviting family to help you or throwing a solo clean-up party, it is always easier to get things done with a helping hand. Fill your home with good food and drinks, and spread out the tasks on the cleaning up list.

  1. Donate the Old:

When you’re cleaning up after Christmas, you will inevitably come across old decorations and unused items. Consider donating these items to Goodwill or a local charity. This will not only help you pare down clutter, but you will also feel good knowing that your old items are being put to good use.

  1. Clean Up One Room at a Time:

You don’t have to clean all the rooms at once. Choose one room, and then another once that is completed. This will give you smaller sections that are easier to tackle.

  1. Avoid a Tangled Ball of Christmas Lights

Wrap your lights around the empty tubes from your wrapping paper to keep them from tangling. Loop the cable around the roll, beginning on the other side of the plug, and then place the plug into the tube’s hole. If you’ve already discarded your gift-wrap tubes, paper towel tubes will suffice.

  1. You Might Want to Hire a Cleaning Service:

If you have no idea where to start when it comes to cleaning up after Christmas, and you simply don’t have the time, then hiring a cleaning service might be the easiest way to get you through the holiday season. Many of these services offer Christmas cleaning packages that will help you do your holiday cleaning in January.


Now that you have these tips at your fingertips, there’s no reason to avoid cleaning up after the holidays. The more organized you are and the more help you have, the more enjoyable the task will be. Set yourself up for success by keeping a checklist for your clean-up tasks and making sure you have ample help. We hope you enjoyed our tidbits about cleaning up after Christmas!

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