Deep Cleaning Your Home_ How Frequent Should It Be_

The simplicity of living with a clean home is rewarding each day, and a clean house streamlines everyday life. Homeowners highly invest in cleaning their home to keep it in good condition and to help maintain its resale value. And for many people, keeping a simple, clean home brings a sense of calm and order to everyday life. Unfortunately, too many homeowners don’t have time to deep clean their homes, and they don’t always know when they should be deep cleaned.

How Frequently Should You Deep Clean Your Home?

The overall timeframe of deep cleaning a home is best done in sections. It will rely on the use overall. Here’s a closer look at what requires deep cleaning and the frequency.


  • Avoid clutter – Make sure things go where they belong throughout your home at all times
  • Bedrooms – Keep clutter away from the room; pick up clothes. Make the bed every day, too.
  • Clean the kitchen – Make sure the countertops are wiped down. Include table surfaces and the backsplash as well. Wash not just all of the dishes, but also the sink. Even appliances will likely need a wash as needed such as the can opener and coffee maker. Don’t forget the microwave, dishwasher, stove and refrigerator.
  • Laundry room – Have a systematic method of routinely keeping up with laundry.
  • Shower – This is ideal for the build-up of scum to be avoided entirely.


  • Bathroom – Sweep the floor and make sure that all surfaces are sanitized. Don’t just clean the toilet and mirrors, get to the areas behind that too. Don’t let rugs sit there even when they’re already soaking in water; keep them fresh. Replace towels with new ones. Wash and polish sinks, vanity surfaces, chrome fixtures, mirrors, shower surfaces and the tub.
  • Bedroom – Change all sheets.
  • Flooring – Clean your home’s flooring throughout on a weekly basis. Carpeted areas should be vacuumed.
  • Kitchen – Wipe appliances down, clean the microwave’s interior and pay attention to the floor. (Sweeping and mopping.)
  • Trash – Empty them all twice a week.


  • Dust – Be sure to dust chair rails, picture frames, light fixtures and even the windowsills. If there are any lampshades, wipe them down.
  • Kitchen – Free the drain of your dishwasher from debris. Wipe the refrigerator down.


Clean all light fixtures, doorframes, baseboards and switch plates.

  • Bathroom – Wash the liner of the shower curtain and clean the tub drains, sinks and shower.
  • Kitchen – Clean the oven’s inner area. Wipe the insides of the refrigerator; check for expired food and throw it out.


Cleaning your house often will help it last and look better. If you want to keep your home looking good, you need to deep clean regularly. This will remove dirt, dust and other contaminants that could eventually cause human health issues. Dirt and bacteria can contribute to unhealthy indoor air quality. 

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