5 Best Practices in Preparing a Home For a Baby’s Arrival

Preparing a Home For a Baby’s Arrival

Having a baby is a blessing. However, there will be many changes in a home as soon as the baby arrives. For example, if it isn’t a practice to clean the house often, the people living in it will have to maintain cleanliness to ensure the baby’s safety. But what other best practices should people perform in preparing the house for a baby?

1. Maintain a Clutter-Free Environment

The first thing to clear up is the clutter. A baby, who is just starting to explore the world, will play with anything he comes across. It means that any object found on the floor can be a danger to the baby.

Having a baby means keeping the house clean and clutter-free, which is easier said than done. It is easy to be distracted by chores and the demands of everyday life but having a baby is more than just a responsibility; it is a privilege.

One way to keep things organized is by creating designated areas for every activity. For example, where electronics, games, and toys are concerned, have fixed shelves, drawers, and cupboards.

2. Always Sanitize Baby Areas

As mentioned above, babies are still learning to develop good hygiene habits. It means that the people around him should be mindful of what substances they touch. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the baby’s toys and playthings have been appropriately sanitized to avoid contamination.

Most people opt to use a sanitizer to sterilize things, but it is not enough because the sanitizer’s effect is time-limited. Another way to check if a toy is sanitized is to smell it. If the smell is more potent than usual, this means that the sanitizer has been on the toy for too long.

3. Keep Things That May Suffocate the Baby

One of the reasons babies are prone to accidents is that they tend to get curious and put everything in their mouths. However, adults can prevent such accidents by keeping things that can suffocate the baby out of reach. These items include socks, remotes, and clothing.

Aside from clothing, a fabric softener sheet can also be a danger to the baby. It is already soft, but it can suffocate the baby if inhaled. Adults can also prevent suffocation accidents by checking the clothes before washing them.

4. Child-Proof the Baby’s Room

It is usual for babies to love their toys. However, adults should ensure that the playthings around the baby are safe. One of the things adults can do is keep things that can cause harm, such as small objects in high places.

Another thing adults should do is to avoid using decorations that are too sharp. If they do not have any ideas on minimizing the sharp edges of their accessories, they can always use a file to file it down.

5. Maintain Non-Slip Floors

Seeing babies walking can be adorable. But if they are not in a secure and sturdy area, they can easily trip over things. It is also essential to have non-slip floors to prevent accidents. It is even more important to keep them away from slippery floors such as bathtubs and showers.


In preparing the household for a new baby, it is not enough to just clean the house in preparing the home for a new baby. It also means being mindful of the things that can harm the baby. But overall, adult supervision can minimize accidents and make the baby have a healthy, enjoyable childhood.

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