Areas to Deep Clean before Moving Out of Your Apartment

Cleaning your apartment before you move out is a vital component of the moving process that you should not overlook. Most lease agreements state that you must leave the apartment in the exact condition as you found it, or your security deposit will be forfeited.

If you’re one of those model tenants, you won’t even need a contract commanding you to clean the place before you move out. It’s just common courtesy to the next tenant.

Most individuals can clean their apartments on their own after moving out, but other people prefer to engage an apartment cleaning service to ensure that the cleaning is done properly and that the deposit is returned in full.

If you wish to do your own move-out cleaning, below is a list of some of the most useful apartment cleaning ideas you can try out.

Leaving Your Living Room Dust-Free

It’s a good idea to start once you’ve moved all of your belongings out of the house, and many people choose to start with the living room. You can wait until everything is out of the room because moving the furniture may disperse dust over the room, requiring you to clean twice.

Always begin with the ceiling (since the dust you kick up will settle), and work your way down from the top. Use a duster to remove all cobwebs and dust from the ceiling, paying special attention to the corners. Cleaning any ceiling fans or light fixtures is also an option.

Cleaning Every Grease from Your Kitchen 

The kitchen is one of the most difficult areas to deep clean because you will normally leave all of the appliances in place and will need to clean them. Start by cleaning the refrigerator thoroughly. The oven and stove can then be cleaned next. 

Now the dishwasher is tricky because many people believe it cleans itself. However, it requires a comprehensive cleaning every year or so.

Next, wipe off the cabinets and ensure sure there is no dust or food inside. Keep an eye out for any designs on the cabinet that could collect dust, as well as the tops of drawers and doors.

Cleaning the floor with a floor cleaner is the final step. Make a point of getting behind the cabinets, where a lot of dirt and food can collect. Your landlord may ask you to relocate the appliances and clean beneath and behind them.

Leaving Your Bedrooms Spotless

The bedrooms are rather simple to keep tidy. Just make sure you understand whether the landlord expects you to get the carpets professionally cleaned or if you can vacuum them yourself.

Cleaning the blinds and any window sills is important since a lot of dust can accumulate there. You may need to use a streak-free window cleaner to clean the interior and outside of the windows.

You should dust all of the corners of closets where spiders like to spin webs. There may also be shelves to dust, and the coat hanger bar should be dusted.

Leaving Every Tile in Your Bathrooms Sparkling

Make a special effort to clean the bathroom thoroughly so that the next resident can use it while they are settling in. You can also clean the sink and bathtub with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to remove soap and toothpaste stains.


You are correct in thinking that all this move-out apartment cleaning is a lot of labor. Hiring an apartment cleaning service is the greatest approach to ensure that your flat is clean. They will clean quickly and effectively.

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