5 Things to Prioritize During the Annual Spring Cleaning

5 Things to Prioritize During the Annual Spring Cleaning

Spring signifies the start of a new beginning. Around this time, people also tend to clean up and reorganize their homes to welcome a fresh start. The annual spring cleaning can become chaotic due to the many things homeowners should do in a short time. However, prioritizing a few tasks over the others should make things easier. But which things should people prioritize? Here are some ideas.

1. Clean the Garage

One of the most boring but necessary things people should do to clean is the garage. It is the perfect time for this task since most homeowners probably do not use their garage these days. The garage is also the last place to be cleaned during the spring cleaning because it gets neglected during the other activities.

Getting items off the floor is an excellent way to start with the cleaning. People should also check the walls and look for holes or peeling paint. If people notice any damage, they should fix it right away. The garage should also be cleaned and organized. An organized garage makes it easier to find the things they need, so it is essential to collect the items properly.

2. Clear Exterior Windows

People need to make the most of the spring weather by opening the windows and letting sunlight in. However, this also means they need to do a thorough window cleaning. The exterior windows, in particular, have to be cleaned to get rid of stains and grime.

The exterior windows should be cleaned thoroughly, and they should also be covered with a protective layer to prevent damage from the elements. The window cleaning experts from Fresh View Windows & Siding can give homeowners a hand with this task.

3. Repair Shutters, Trims, and Doors

Homes with many wooden fixtures are at a higher risk of being damaged by termites. They also require a lot of maintenance. People should ask their window cleaning experts to list things that they need to repair and then prioritize the most damaged ones.

Termites can damage Shutters, trims, and doors, so they should look for signs of termites or termite droppings. They can then call a professional to inspect the affected wooden items and recommend the necessary repair works.

4. Power Wash Exterior Walls

The spring weather is perfect for power washing the exterior walls. People should make sure that they have cleared the area before starting with the power washing. The power washing should be done regularly to get rid of the mold and mildew. The protective coat can then be applied to the walls to keep them in the best condition.

5. Prepare the Pool for Summer

The swimming season is almost near. People should make sure that they have prepared their swimming pool for the coming summer. It means clearing the pool of leaves and other debris. It is also a good thing to check the water quality to ensure that it is in good condition. People should clean the pool filters and other parts and test the water for chemicals and other impurities. They can also repair any leaks before the summer starts.


Spring is the perfect season for a fresh start. Homes, in particular, should be cleaned, organized, and repaired. However, it does not mean that people should do everything at once. They should prioritize certain things and do what needs to be done right away.

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