5 Horrible Cleaning Habits That You Should Stop Doing

Cleaning a home can feel like an endless chore. However, there are ways to make the job easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable for you. 

Understanding what cleaning shortcuts to avoid can help you eliminate bad habits that are holding you back. Watch out for these cleaning practices that won’t get you anywhere.

1) Letting Papers Pile Up

When you wait to get rid of the papers in your home, you are allowing them to build up and clutter, which makes it much harder to get to the important stuff. 

2) Bunching up Wet Towels and Shower Curtains

If you are in a rush, or if you have to rearrange your schedule for something you didn’t expect, it is easy to forget that you have wet towels in the laundry room. If you have a shower curtain, forget that that is a thing.

When you don’t dry off completely, the moisture will continue to spread. It will get on the floor, the walls, and even on the toilet seat. This increase in wetness will increase the amount of mold in your home, and it will also cause your other towels, blankets, and sheets to smell bad.

3) Overusing Cleaning Products

Some people think that more cleaning products are better. This isn’t always the case. In order to get things clean, you should use the right amount. Using too much can be just as bad as not using enough.

Overuse can cause your surfaces to get damaged, and it can also contribute to symptoms of asthma and allergies. It can be tempting to use too much when you want to get things clean quickly, but it is worth it to spend a few extra minutes doing things right.

4) Using Dirty Cleaning Materials

Every year there are millions of consumer packages of cleaning wipes sold in stores. While these can be convenient, they are also somewhat of a problem. When you purchase a new package of wipes, you should take a look at them. If they already look dirty, don’t use them!

They are already covered in bacteria and germs. If you use them to clean surfaces and then touch yourself, there is a much higher chance that you will get sick.

5) Bringing Outside Shoes In

If you run around the house all day, it is tempting to bring your shoes in when you get home, so they don’t get dirty. The problem with this is that they will already have dirt and grime on them.

Bringing them inside can spread the dirt around, and you will end up having to clean the floors twice. If you have to walk through mud, you can work to keep them clean by using a brush outside to get the majority of the dirt off. Then you won’t have to worry about tracking it all over your home.


If you need some motivation to clean the house more, then start by eliminating your bad cleaning habits. These are some of the most common bad habits that people have that hold them back. 

Sometimes, getting it done yourself is tedious work. Queen Bee Cleaning Services offers apartment cleaning services that will make your humble abode neat and clean. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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