What Are the Advantages of Move in Cleaning Services

Statistics show that the average number of boxes used for a move is 60, and that doesn’t even include outdoor items like trash cans, bicycles, patio furniture, and tools. This is why moving usually involves weeks if not months of prepping, sorting and packing. Amidst all of the stress and fuss, you might end up overlooking something: the cleaning when you’ve finally moved.

When you arrive at your new place, tired from the move yet ready to start your new life, the last thing you want-or need-is to have to do major cleaning. A great way to save yourself the stress and allow yourself to just enjoy the new surroundings is to hire move in cleaners!

Read on to learn more about the advantages of hiring move in cleaners:

When You Hire Move In Cleaners, You Get A Fresh Start

After you move into a new home, it will probably be dusty from sitting around for a while and may even collect allergens and other household contaminants. In addition, after a long day of unpacking and moving, you won’t want to start cleaning right away. 

Hiring move-in cleaning services will make sure you get things started on the best foot possible.

When You Hire Move In Cleaners, Pollutants and Allergens Will Be Eliminated

You will be able to breathe easier after moving into your new house with a professional cleaning service. Asthma triggers, including pollen, dust mites, and mold, can be eliminated by hiring a professional service to clean out your new home. 

This is particularly important if there are any carpets in place, because those can be walking allergen traps such as pet dander.

When You Hire Move In Cleaners, You Get More Time For Exploration

Understandably, you will want to check out your new neighborhood almost as soon as you arrive. When there’s a move in cleaning service helping you, moving day becomes much smoother. You can settle in and go out to explore your new environment without much fuss if at all.

When You Hire Move In Cleaners, You Will Be Less Stressed

According to a study, nearly half (up to 45%) of all Americans find moving to be the most stressful life event ever. As previously mentioned, letting someone else get all the cleaning done will take a very heavy load off of you. That way, you can enjoy your transition from one home to another.

When You Hire Move In Cleaners, You Won’t Have To Worry About Details

The special training that professional cleaners have ensures that they are able to identify the smallest of details that might go unnoticed. Generally, they use specialized techniques and tools; they have the proper knowledge and expertise to handle the situation properly.


Moving is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. Statistics show that nearly half of all Americans find moving house to be the most stress-laden event of their entire lives. Hiring move in cleaning services goes a long way in ensuring that the whole endeavor ends on a high note. Benefits include not having to worry about details, pollutants and allergens being eliminated and less stress overall.

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