Top Reasons to Hire an Airbnb Cleaning Service

Airbnb is one of the short-term rental platforms that has turned the hospitality industry on its head. Instead of booking a hotel stay, many people are opting to look on Airbnb for affordable rates in a comfortable home. If you have a property that you have listed on this rental platform, how can you make sure that your place is thoroughly cleaned before the next guest arrives?

Airbnb Cleaning: Preparing for Your Next Guests

Because of the global health crisis we’ve been living in, it is crucial that you maintain cleanliness in the rental place you have listed on Airbnb. You have the option to take on this task on your own. If you own multiple properties, however, you may not be able to finish cleaning each unit fast enough, which may directly affect your income. 

Aside from the time pressure, a DIY clean often means you can’t be sure that you are cleaning each rental property as thoroughly as possible. Your best bet is to hire a cleaning company that specializes in cleaning Airbnb listings. This blog post will shed light on why this is a good idea.

1 – Convenient and Stress-Free Cleaning

You will be able to take the stress away from maintaining your rental unit if you hire a team of cleaning experts to tackle the job of cleaning the place after each guest leaves. This will be extremely beneficial for you, especially if you own multiple properties that have guests checking out on the same day and will have new guests checking in the day after.

2 – They Set the Bar High

Airbnb cleaning companies know how high the standards guests have when it comes to staying at a rental place. These cleaning companies will know what standards guests expect and they will be able to meet those standards.

3 – Focus on Maintaining Your Rental Unit, Not Cleaning It

If you hire a cleaning company that specializes in Airbnb cleaning, you will be able to have time to do other maintenance tasks for your rental unit. You can concentrate on tasks such as making sure that no furniture is damaged by previous guests, checking that there is toilet paper and other amenities in your unit, and making sure that the place is ready for the next guest’s arrival.

4 – Get Better Ratings

You will be able to get better ratings as a host on Airbnb if you invest money in making sure that the place is clean, sanitized and free of any trace of the previous occupant. 

5 – You Will Have More Time for Yourself

You will have much more time to spend outside your rental unit. Instead of spending all your time cleaning and making sure that the rental property is clean for your next guest, you will have time to spend the money you earned from your Airbnb rentals!


The key to successfully making a living out of having Airbnb rental units is to be able to live your life while your rental properties rake in the income for you. Keep in mind that you will still be able to keep a decent amount of money for yourself from the rentals even if you pay a cleaning service to take care of cleaning your units for you. 

If you are looking for a reliable cleaning service to help you maintain your rental properties, Queen Bee Cleaning Service can get this task done for you! We are a home and AirBnB cleaning service that specializes in house cleaning, deep cleaning, move out/in cleaning, Airbnb cleaning, office cleaning, and carpet cleaning. Contact us today and see a difference in your rental units!

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