The Ultimate Move-Out Checklist

Moving out of your home means you’re closing another chapter in your life. Starting a new story in a new home proves to be an exciting time—and we’re sure that you can’t wait to get started! While that may be the case, moving out can pose a few challenges. For example, there’s the issue of hopefully getting your deposit back. So now, how exactly do you do that?

Before you move out, there are details you have to keep an eye on. This may also mean getting your hands dirty, cleaning and leaving the house spotless, and packing everything you need! It’s crucial that you also avoid unnecessary charges, so make sure you do a thorough check of everything, or simply hire someone to do a move-out cleaning service to achieve that spotless clean look.

To get your deposit back, here’s your move-out checklist to help you out!

#1: Unscrew Nails and Patch Up Holes

In every home you live in, it’s essential to make your space your own. You might’ve done this by decorating the walls, hanging up paintings, and mounting shelves, amongst many others. 

Remember that before you move out, you must remove all nails and patch up holes! Your soon-to-be ex-landlord may not be happy to see unsightly markings of their soon-to-be ex-tenant. So, make this a pleasant transition for them and leave no holes behind!

#2: Repaint

In removing nails and patching up holes, you may need to repaint walls down as well. This is also a necessary step if you’ve designed and sectioned your walls into different colors. Before you go, repaint it back to its original color, or simply use plain white paint to make it look clean and inviting.

#3: Wipe Down Everything

Yes, everything! From doors to walls, and even floors and ceilings! Leave everything sparkling clean. Use old clothes and damp some ragged towels to clear up thin sheets of dust, mildew, and everything in between. 

Also, don’t neglect the windows and mirrors! Glass can greatly affect how clean a place can look, so give these surfaces a thorough rubdown.

#4: Do Some Good Dust Work

A good dusting job involves, well, a lot of dusting. However, this task is relatively easy, especially if you’re equipped with the right tools! 

First, use sweepers for dusting out ceiling fans and hard-to-reach spots. After, do a deep sweep of pet fur and accumulated patches of dust with a vacuum. 

#5: Deep Cleaning Goes a Long Way

There are no limits to deep cleaning. We encourage a full scrub down of showers, tubs, sinks, faucets, and toilet bowls. With strong cleaning agents and hard-at-work brushes, you can leave your bathroom and kitchen looking brand-new.

#6: Take Out the Trash

In the middle of moving out, it’s also easy to forget this part. It may seem minor to you, but it’s highly unpleasant to your soon-to-be ex-landlord! 

No matter how clean you left your place, this mistake alone can kill your chances of getting your deposit back. So, here’s a reminder to clean out your trash and segregate it to the proper trash bins!

#7: The Final Look

Last but not least, take photos of your newly cleaned space. You can simply use your smartphone to record the condition. And, if it’ll help, send these photos right away to the property owner or your landlord. This act alone will make for a smooth transaction and, hopefully, lead to you getting your deposit back.


House cleaning may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s still important to note that this is a challenge to overcome for your next move-out day. If you want to get that deposit back, simply hire a whole-house cleaning service to help you out. This is also an excellent way to handle the situation, especially if you’re at work or usually on the go for business.

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