5 Tips for Choosing Cleaning Services

Are you looking for house cleaning services? With so many options available, it can be difficult to know where to start.

After a long day of work and child-rearing, cleaning the kitchen or flushing the toilet is the last thing you want to do. So why not give someone else the reins? You could select a nearby house cleaning service by heeding these professional recommendations that you won’t want to live without.

Here are the tips to check on hiring a house cleaning service in Seattle: 

Be Aware of The Dangers

If you’re hiring a housekeeper for the first time, look for someone with experience who is receptive to advice and criticism. You should pick a trustworthy cleaner since it will be in your home.

Additionally, you should make sure that the cleaner will visit around a time that is convenient for you; for example, you do not want them to appear while you are having a book club meeting or during family supper.

Request Recommendations and Look Through Ratings

Request recommendations from your friends, family, neighbors, and place of employment. To find client reviews, you may also use websites. To choose which cleaner best fits your requirements and your home, speak with at least three different house cleaning companies or individual cleaners.

Question The Cleaning or Service

It’s a good idea to talk to the person cleaning your house. However, if you contact a larger cleaning company, you’ll probably speak with someone who accepts new customers. No matter whatever route you take, make a list of the inquiries you wish to make to a home cleaning.

  • For how long have you been cleaning houses?
  • The cleaning materials are the responsibility of whom?
  • What kind of cleaning equipment is employed?
  • Have you got coverage? What assurances do you provide?
  • What do you charge?
  • Do you bill by the hour or by the service? What might you typically do in three hours if you were paid an hourly wage?
  • Do you provide your services weekly, biweekly, or monthly?
  • When do you have availability to see our home on your schedule?
  • What rules do you abide by? Can I call any of your client references? 
  • If so, how many cleaners will there be? Every time, will the staff be the same?
  • Do you provide unique one-off services in addition to regular cleanings, such as a thorough spring cleaning or an additional session before a large event like a party?
  • What further services do you provide?

Request A Background Check and Confirmation 

Make sure the home cleaners are dependable and responsible because they will have access to your private area and be close to your family. 

Ask the cleaning firm whether it does background checks on its personnel and if it is covered by liability insurance. If feasible, get the agreement in writing, and go over the specific criteria, such as lost or damaged goods or an accident on the construction site.

Often, a domestic housekeeper might function in such a capacity without having a special license.

After deciding on a cleaning service, be clear about the conditions of your contract. Decide on the costs, the available services or hours, and the frequency of your visitors’ visits.

List the objects, areas, and spaces that will be cleaned. Any particulars regarding your property should be discussed, such as sentimental items to clean or new flooring that requires additional attention. As you wander about your home, list everything you want the cleaner to know.

Including this in a contract can be wise if you’re dealing with a cleaning service. You could feel safe hiring a lone cleaner without a documented contract.

Set up an appointment as soon as possible, especially if you need help cleaning and organizing over the Christmas season. Most house cleaning companies want a few weeks’ notice before their first appointment.

Know Your Own Obligations As Well As Those of Others

You want your house cleaners to be able to concentrate on cleaning surfaces and areas when they come, rather than having to organize your clutter or clean off your kitchen counter.

Making the most of the house cleaner’s time and ensuring their comfort in your home will be possible if you know what to do before their arrival. Before your cleaner arrives, make sure to take care of the following:

Jewels, jewels, and delicate goods have to be stored in a safe location.

While your cleaner is running, tidy up the area.

Dishes should be removed since most house cleaners prefer to clean counters and sinks over dishes.


There are things to remember when hiring a house cleaning company in Seattle. First, check references and reviews to get an idea of the quality of the service. Second, be sure to ask questions about the cleaning process, including the type of products used and how long the job will take. Before using the service, make sure to agree on a pricing. Following these tips, you can find a reputable and trustworthy house cleaning service.

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