Top 5 Potential Risks of Do It Yourself Carpet Cleaning

Many people would save money by doing their housework rather than pay a professional to do it for them. From pest control to carpet cleaning guides, you can find a DIY tutorial on the internet for anything you can think of these days.

These tutorials typically include step-by-step instructions on supplies, tools, and materials required, as well as instructions on completing the task. What many individuals don’t realize is that performing carpet cleaning on your own comes with its own set of risks. No matter how minor, those risks can cost you more in the long term than hiring a professional service team.

Here are the top five potential risks you may encounter if you decide to DIY clean your carpets:

1. Poor Outcomes

Sometimes, it’s hard to see the difference between bad and good. This can be especially true of inexperienced carpet cleaners. However, it is not a good sight when a carpet is cleaned poorly. A DIY, poorly cleaned carpet can look like a rug that belongs in the trash.

One of the worst DIY outcomes you can get is a dull carpet with soap scum. The dullness is due to the buildup of soap deep in the carpet fibers. To fix this bad outcome, you will have to hire someone else to come and clean the carpet again.

2. Carpet Machine Might Be Defective

You might use a defective machine when attempting carpet cleaning on your own. And you will not know until you try it out. Even though you will expect just to return it and get a new one, you will be surprised to find out that the warranty only covers the carpet cleaning machine for a few months. Many of the devices are not covered by a warranty for long.

3. You Might Overclean the Carpet

Many households have pets or children. It may be hard to understand how much dirt and other substances your carpets have collected since you last cleaned them. You may end up using too many cleaning agents or too high of a heat setting that damages the carpet fibers.

In some DIY tutorials, there will be portions of the carpet that have to be covered with a plastic sheet to avoid getting the wrong area of the carpet wet. This problem is that you will be tempted to remove the sheet and clean the covered area. It is not a good idea because you might end up over-cleaning the area. 

4. Your Carpet Might Shrink

If you do not have the right tools or are working on the carpet with too much water, you might end up shrinking the carpet. If this happens, the carpet’s fibers will be damaged, reducing its thickness and quality.

The DIY carpet cleaning process can be a lot of fun, but sometimes it might cost you more in the long term.

5. Carpets May Stink

The last thing you expect when enjoying your refreshed carpet is to sniff a foul odor. If you smelt it, it is a sign that you may have used too much of a cleaning agent. This can be a problem because many cleaning agents have strong scents. In the long run, your carpets may have a lingering foul smell.


Attempting to clean your carpets carries several concerns. Using a professional cleaner is preferable to doing it yourself.  Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service team will ensure your carpets are given proper care. The results will be a more pleasing look, longer life for your carpet, and peace of mind that your carpets were cared for properly.

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