Top 4 Dirtiest, Overlooked Spots in Your Home

Beyond achieving a spick-and-span look, cleaning your environment is also essential to maintaining your health. That’s why people make an effort to wash dishes, scrub surfaces from grime, and sweep off dust bunnies, but even going through spring cleaning can leave you with dirty areas that are hiding right under your nose.

It’s not easy to access all nooks and crannies in your home; that’s why there are many overlooked sports in your abode that are teeming with dirt, dander, and even disease-causing bacteria. If you’re wondering what spots slip your sights, then the list below should shed light on the dirtiest spaces, items, and corners of your home. 

Dirty and Overlooked: Don’t Forget to Give Them TLC Too! 

  1. Light Switches

It’s understandable to focus on obvious dirty areas such as the kitchen, the bathroom, living room, and more, but how often do you take the time to clean light switches? Other than doorknobs and sink fixtures, light switches are one of the highest touch points in any place. 

In a time when disinfecting surfaces is more important than ever, it’s crucial to keep something as seemingly harmless as light switches well-sanitized as the rest of the surfaces in your home. 

  1. Air Vents 

Taking the time to deep clean your home is undoubtedly rewarding, but do you ever wonder why the air still feels stuffy even when everything else is sparkling clean? In that case, you may forget the accumulating dust and all other dander in your air vents, which is causing it to blow out poor air quality. 

  1. Cleaning Tools 

It’s ironic to work hard to clean up after everything, only to find it aggravate the level of germs living on your surfaces when you neglect to keep your cleaning tools disinfected and sanitized. You may be spreading more bacteria than you’re killing when you wash dishes or scrub surfaces, so be sure to keep your cleaning supplies clean, too, if you want it to do its job effectively. 

  1. The underside of Dryers, Refrigerators, Tables, and More

People take a long time carefully cleaning and organizing their homes, but some of the most overlooked spots that have been ignored for years include the underside of appliances and tables. Other than wiping down outer surfaces, it’s also important to clean their underbelly as they can hide dead insects, food particles, and other forms of grime. 

The Bottom Line: Cleaning the Neglected Parts of Your Home

It can be easy to miss out on the nooks, crannies, and undersides of your living space when it comes to cleaning, leaving you with a less-than-satisfactory effort that doesn’t quite solve your dirty problems. But with the help of professional cleaning services, you never have to worry about missing a spot when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of your home. 

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