How Often Should I Clean My Home?

Timing Is Everything: How Often Should I Clean My Home?

Having a clean and tidy home is something that we all strive for. But how often should we actually be cleaning our homes? While the exact frequency of cleaning may vary from person to person depending on their lifestyle, there are some general guidelines that can help you decide along the way.

An estimated 6% of Americans’ time each week is dedicated to housework, with 28% devoting more than 7 hours to tidying up. But, a survey conducted by the American Cleaning Institute found that around a third of us worry if it’s enough and if we’re cleaning appropriately.

The Results of a Nationwide Study on Housekeeping Practices by ACI

As mentioned before, 28% spend more than 7 hours a week cleaning their homes; About a quarter (26%) clean between 3 and 4 hours weekly; Around 10% of people spend less than an hour cleaning.

34% wonder if they are cleaning well enough; 31%  of people doubt their own cleaning abilities.  The majority, 74%, prefer to clean with a damp cloth; About 26% of people regularly perform a deep clean.

For ACI’s VP of Communication Brian Sansoni, “the most essential thing is that we keep our families safer and healthier by removing germs, grime, and allergens that might build up,” whether that means periodic thorough cleaning or more frequent light cleaning.

Those of us who have three or more people living under the same roof tend to clean the bathroom and the kitchen floor more frequently than anyone else. Not unexpectedly, the survey found that cell phones, computers, and tablets were more popular among Generation Xers than any of the other age groups surveyed. Some common household items that require regular cleaning include appliances, faucets, carpets, and rugs.

How Much Cleaning Is Enough?

No matter how often or for how long we’ve been cleaning, there will always be questions concerning technique, materials, and timing. What’s more important than how long we clean is how well we clean. That’s why ACI constantly stresses the importance of only buying products that have been carefully developed by experts and thoroughly tested for both efficiency and practicality. Prioritize your cleaning tasks after reviewing the product safety and usage information:

  • Bathroom

Sterilizing plumbing fixtures such as lavatories, washbasins, and baths.

  • Kitchen

Dishwashing, dish-cleaning, and cleaning cutting boards.

  • Laundry

Sheets, towels, and bath mats should be washed every week.

  • Floors

Mopping and vacuuming reduce dust and other allergens that might aggravate asthma and allergies.

By taking preventative measures, you can reduce the time spent cleaning without sacrificing quality. In order to stay one step ahead of the clutter, try implementing these routines at home:

  • Avoid having too much clutter. That means there are fewer potential hiding places for dust and allergies.
  • Cleaning up messes and keeping germs at bay is as simple as washing hands often and using a shoe mat or rug at the front door.
  • Mold and mildew can be kept at bay by keeping kitchen and bathroom counters dry and clean.
  • Throw away food scraps and mop up liquid accidents right away.
  • As soon as a stain or spot appears on your clothing, treat it.

The Primary Benefits of Hiring a Weekly Cleaning Service

  • A Tidy House Is a Healthy House

Cleaning not only improves your mental health by removing stress but also your physical health. When you hire cleaners to come in once a week, you can rest easy knowing that the dust, filth, allergens, mold, and germs that might aggravate respiratory conditions have been eradicated.

  • Professional Cleaning Services Are Dependable

Your best intentions to clean your house every week could get derailed by things like last-minute visitors or scheduling conflicts. If you’re constantly on the go, don’t let your lack of time for housekeeping deter you from hiring pros to perform the job for you. In spite of your hectic schedule and the many stresses you face, you can always count on coming home to a spotless house.

  • Professional House Cleaners Provide You with More Time to Focus On More Important Things

It’s likely that you’ll need to set aside many hours per week to clean your home thoroughly. Your cleaning schedule shouldn’t have to come at the expense of time with your loved ones or for you to relax. Hiring professional house cleaners frees you up to attend your kids’ school and sports events or spend quality time with your partner watching a movie.


It is important to keep your home clean in order to maintain a healthy living environment. Cleaning your home regularly is essential to reduce the spread of germs, remove dust and allergens, and generally keep your home looking neat and organized. Depending on your lifestyle, the frequency of your cleaning routine can vary greatly.

Generally, it is recommended that you thoroughly clean your home at least once a week, with spot cleaning and light maintenance done every day or every other day. Indeed, taking the time to clean your home can help keep you and your family healthy and safe.

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