Importance of Carpet Steam Cleaning

If you think that occasionally washing and vacuuming is enough to take care of your carpets, then you’re wrong. Your carpet is an integral part of the total look of your interiors, so it needs extra care to keep its beauty. You cannot control that polished look if your carpet is filthy. And more importantly, carpets collect and retain a lot of dirt over time. Even if you vacuum your carpet every day, you will not be able to remove lingering contaminants in the fabric. You have to call in some professional cleaning services at least once a year to make sure your carpet is thoroughly cleaned.

In this article, you can take a look at the reasons why you should get your carpet cleaned by professionals regularly.

How Can a Dirty Carpet Affect You?

A dirty carpet will not only make your house look grubby, but it can also affect your health. Even if your carpet is new or still looks like it is, it can contain some hidden contaminants like dust mites, dirt, dander, and other harmful particles. These allergens can cause itchy, watery eyes, horrible skin rashes, or worse, respiratory issues. If you don’t clean your carpet regularly, you might end up inhaling these harmful particles every day.

Some notable harmful effects that an unclean carpet can give you are dust mites and molds. A small part of a carpet can house as much as 2,000 dust mites that can cause respiratory illnesses, especially if you already have allergies. Mold or mildew can grow from your carpet if spills or leaks are not professionally cleaned, which can comprise your house’s structure.

What Is the Difference between Home and Professional Steam Cleaners?

There is a significant difference between professional and home steam cleaners.

First, professional steam cleaners use water with a temperature of almost 200 degrees, which home steam cleaners cannot reach. This high water temperature creates water vapor and works with high-quality, potent detergents to remove the grease and dirt embedded in your carpet. The oil and grease stuck in your carpet are what attract more dirt, hair, and dust mites. 

On the other hand, home steam cleaners can risk leaving a detergent residue, which can pose harm. Aside from its ability to hold both dirt and grime, it leaves unsafe chemicals. You can trust a professional steam cleaner to leave no trace of any dirt behind and give you long-lasting carpet cleanliness. 

What Do the Experts Say About Having Carpets Cleaned?

Carpet manufacturers advise that you let a professional home cleaner take care of your carpet at least once a year. They are pros at keeping your carpet clean and protecting it from stains, odors, and grime build-up. It is also better to have a professional do the carpet cleaning if you have kids or pets.

The Bottom Line

Yes, you can use home steam cleaners, but remember to let professional carpet cleaning services manage your carpet regularly. They can improve your household’s health and keep your interiors aesthetically pleasing. Your carpet will be clean, attractive, and safe for everyone to lie on.

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