7 House Items People Forget to Clean

Queen Bee – 7 Common House Items People Usually Forget When Cleaning

Certain parts of your home (such as the bathroom floor and kitchen counters) are obvious candidates for a thorough cleaning. On the other hand, other home objects are more straightforward to overlook during your usual cleaning process, allowing dirt, dust, and germs to accumulate without your knowledge. Even if you follow a weekly cleaning plan religiously, your house isn’t spotless until you’ve cleaned down and sterilized these objects. Start paying attention to these 11 regularly used objects and locations you may be overlooking when cleaning your house to help protect your family’s health and safety. Prepare your favorite cleaning solution or disinfectant: you’re going to need it.

  1. The showerhead

You most likely clean the showerhead’s surface regularly. However, the inside needs attention as well. Mineral deposits can block those small nozzles over time, transforming your once-powerful showerhead into a dribbling letdown.

  1. Carpeting

Carpet vacuuming helps keep the plushness and freshness of your carpet; a deep cleaning is required to extract all of the germs and pollutants buried in the carpet’s fibers. The majority of carpet manufacturers’ warranties state that you should get your carpets cleaned every 12 to 18 months. If children or pets are running around the house, it’s probably best to clean your carpets more frequently—about twice a year.

  1. Dishwashing Sponge

To disinfect your sponge, use a 10% household bleach and 90% water solution, and after approximately a week of usage, only use it for wiping countertops or replace it with a new one.

It’s also crucial to remember that a sponge should be bleached or replaced after coming into touch with raw meat or vegetables.

  1. Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Do you need assistance with supper preparation? Even if you just completed handling raw meat, you’re probably using one to open the refrigerator door. If left untreated, a refrigerator, freezer, and oven handles create a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Once a week, use a towel and a disinfectant spray or a mixture of 1 part hot water and 1 part vinegar to clean the kitchen cabinet and appliance handles (or immediately after touching them with dirty hands).

5.Toothbrush Stand

Keep your beautiful whites clean, as well as your toothbrush holder. Once a week put the filthy bathroom item in the dishwasher or sanitize it by hand with hot water and soap. Don’t forget to clean your toothbrush regularly as well, especially during flu season—boil brushes for two to three minutes in water.

  1. Ice Cube Tray

If you’re anything like us, you use an ice cube tray daily to keep your beverages cool and pleasant. However, your ice cube tray, like any other helpful kitchen gadget, becomes dirty. About once a month, run your trays in the dishwasher. If you have a silicone tray, immerse it in vinegar and warm water to clean it.

  1. Bath Mat

Don’t forget that you’re treading on your bath mat not just after a shower but also before when your feet are sweaty. Add to that the number of people passing through your bathroom—you, your husband, your children, and your friends. Bath mats, like carpets, may benefit from a thorough cleaning now and again. Fortunately, it requires little work at all. You just put them in the washing machine, and you’re good to go.


Maintaining a house is an everyday effort that, if neglected, could pose health or safety hazards to your family down the road.

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