Signs It’s Time to Get Your Bathroom Professionally Cleaned

Bathrooms are fundamentally the same across properties, from apartments to houses to office buildings to coffee shops. Chances are there’s pretty much nobody in the world who actually enjoys cleaning their bathroom on any level. Aside from having a tendency to be gross, it’s basically grunt work. 

Here’s a good solution to this age-old, inevitable sore point: professional bathroom cleaners.

When do you actually make that call? Read on for signs that it’s time to get your bathroom professionally cleaned:

Bathroom Dust Is All Over the Place

Is there a considerable amount of dust all over your bathroom? Has it collected on top of toiletries, between the bathroom tiles’ grout, or behind the toilet? That’s an increasing health risk that can lead to respiratory issues, eye irritation, and aggravated allergies.

It’s Gotten Pretty Smelly

Understandably, many people end up relying on pricey room sprays or high-end candles to deal with stinky bathroom situations. However, if the stench remains or if it’s rather persistent, there’s more to deal with under the surface. Typical causes are plumbing issues, a dirty toilet, or mold.

Mold and Mildew Have Become Obviously Present

Are there mold and mildew under shower door tracks, on the top corners of a shower, and/or the ceiling and walls? As soon as you spot that, it’s absolutely time to call for help. Aside from your home’s structural integrity being compromised, mold and mildew will keep spreading if they are not addressed. Needless to say, they are serious health risks.

There’s Just No Time to Clean

It happens to the best of us: we get very busy, life gets in the way, and cleaning falls to the wayside. Alternatively, when there is spare time, it’s preferably spent resting or sleeping off the tiredness from work. Whatever it is, if you obviously have no time to get the cleaning done yourself, professional help is key. 

Visitors Aren’t on Your Priority List

Having people over for drinks, movie nights, or gatherings in general has never been more important than it is nowadays. As the world starts to open up, more doors in homes figuratively open as well. If you’re not able to have people over partially because you’re embarrassed about the smell and look of your bathroom, it’s time to get help.

Why should reconnecting with your loved ones be delayed or put off by a yucky toilet bowl cover or similar? That’s right: it absolutely shouldn’t.

Have a Checklist

It’s important to communicate and make sure the professionals you hire get every inch of the bathroom. Be sure that you’re clear on their being able to:

  • Clean and empty the bins
  • Clean and polish mirrors
  • Clean the tiles, including the grout
  • Clear baths of limescale
  • Clear shower screens from limescale


Expert cleaning is incredibly helpful across homes, offices, and other structures. A bathroom has to be professionally cleaned if mold and mildew are present, there’s no time for the homeowner to clean in the first place, and if bathroom dust is all over the place. Save plenty of time and effort with the help of cleaning experts!

Using professional apartment cleaning services will ensure your bathroom is cleaned well. Queen Bee Cleaning Services will let your property get expert attention! We do house cleaning, office cleaning, deep cleaning, and the like in Seattle. Reach out to us today to request a service!

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