Pet-Friendly Household Cleaning Tips You Should Remember

Having a dog at home might make summers appear a year-round occurrence. The hair, scents, and grime our canine family leaves behind might make it difficult to forget they exist. 

Even though we’re in love with our dogs, we’re not fans of the clumps of fur or muddy paw prints that litter our hallways. To help you keep your pet-friendly house clean, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite tips and methods.

Use Pet-specific Cleaning Products

There is a wide variety of cleaning solutions geared toward pet owners. Certain pet-related stains or odors may be more effectively cleaned with these solutions than with ordinary, all-purpose cleansers. 

In addition, utilizing items specifically designed for houses with dogs can help prevent pets from consuming poisonous substances, which can be harmful. Products like floor and carpet cleaning should be pet-friendly because pets may spend much time walking or rolling around on the floor. 

Utilize safe cleaning chemicals for humans and animals, including barking ones!

Groom Your Dog Regularly

Bathe and brush your dog often to reduce the dander and fur they leave behind. A good habit to get into in the autumn and spring when they’re shedding the most hair is essential. Reduced shedding means fewer hairs in the trash if you maintain a regular grooming regimen.

Keeping your dog’s nails trimmed regularly may help prevent scratches and claw marks on wood or other surfaces. In most cases, this service is included in a groomer’s package and will spare you the trouble of trying to remove scratches from your hardwood flooring.

Mind Your Ventilation

Encourage the movement of fresh air around your house to avoid the accumulation of unpleasant scents in a single location. Open windows or lower the fan speed during the day to promote airflow and remove any lingering odors in your home. 

It may also be worthwhile to get an air purifier. Using an air purifier like this can help reduce the number of odor-causing particles in the air since it removes pet hair and allergies.

Sweep and Vacuum Your Home Regularly

Every day, sweep and clean your floors to keep pet hair and dander from building up. If you’re not careful, crevices between the wall and the floor can build up tufts of hair in  no time. You may also use dry carpet shampoo to remove dirt and odor-causing particles from your carpets.

You may also use dry carpet shampoo to remove dirt and odor-causing particles from your carpets.

Clean Toys Thoroughly in the Dishwasher 

Disinfect dog toys made of hard rubber or plastic in the dishwasher to prevent the spread of germs. To dry the toys completely, place them on the top rack and run the dryer for the whole cycle. 

Instead of using harsh detergents in your dishwasher, use vinegar. Try washing your child’s cloth or fabric toys in the washing machine for the best results.

Buy the Right Pet Bed

Luxurious alternatives range from wicker baskets to bean beds. While it may be tempting to go 

with the most fashionable option, consider a bed that is easier to clean. If you own a dog that likes to slobber all over the place, waterproof options are ideal. 


Remember a few key things when cleaning your home with pets. First, always keep your pets in mind when cleaning and avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners that could be harmful to them. 

Second, vacuum regularly to remove any pet hair or dander floating around. And finally, always have a designated spot for your pet to relieve themselves so that they’re not tracking any dirt or messes into the house. 

By following these simple tips, you can keep your home clean and safe for both you and your furry friends.

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