Move-in Cleaning_ Our Brief Guide to An Efficient Clean

Move-in Cleaning: Our Brief Guide to An Efficient Clean

People are often excited about moving to a new home, having a fresh start, and changing a couple of things for the better. While the usual activities involved in this normally include packing all your valuables, cleaning out your old home, and traveling towards your new home to unpack your items again, the most crucial task that a majority of people seem to forget is the move-in cleaning.

Yes, there is still a need to clean your new home, even if the seller had already stated that the home will be cleared before you arrive. Some cleaning processes are best seen in action to ensure that there will be no spots left untouched and there aren’t areas where dust was allowed to linger before you begin unpacking.

Move-in cleaning is exhausting, but it’s a crucial task that comes before the fun part—making your new home your own! Here are our tips on making the cleaning process faster and more efficient:

  • Have Your Cleaning Supplies Nearby

As with every task or activity, having all your necessary tools within your reach will not only give you a chance to conserve your energy but will also enable you to do the job much faster. It’s a waste of time going back and forth just to get a broom or a cleaning agent that is stored in another room, after all.

When you’re packing up your old home, place all the cleaning supplies you’ll need in a separate box and make sure it’s easy to access. Make sure you have a big bucket, a mop, broom, rags, cleaning solutions, and anything else you deem necessary for the clean.

  • Plan Out the Order of Your Cleaning

Even if it’s a new home, you may already have a complete layout of it on the top of your head since you were already able to scout it out before making the purchase. In such a  case, your next step would be to strategize the order by which you will clean the different sections of your house. 

Will you start at the lower levels first, including the kitchen and the bathroom? Or are you going to begin on the upper levels, taking care of the bedroom and the attic? The choice is yours, so as long as you will be able to organize the whole task without taking too long in doing them all.

  • Divide the Tasks Amongst the Members of Your Household

You will be able to clean faster if you divide the tasks amongst the other family members. Have someone take care of the bedrooms and bathrooms while you focus on the kitchen and the garage downstairs. It is all just a matter of analyzing who knows how to clean their assigned sections and how effective they are with their appointed rooms. Do not hesitate to ask for help, as it will be impossible to clean the whole property with just one person doing it all—especially if you happen to own a new house with multiple floors and large floor space.


Check-in cleaning is one of the most vital tasks when moving to a new home. Before you can even unpack all your valuables, you must first consider tidying up the place so that your items won’t be affected by any dust or dirt that the former occupants may have left behind. 

Preparing your cleaning supplies, planning out the cleaning process for the day, and dividing the tasks amongst your household will not only make the whole cleaning ordeal easier, but it will also allow everyone to accomplish it faster, giving you and your family more time to unpack, assemble and rest afterward.

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