How to Stay Sanitary in the Modern Coworking Office Space

How to Stay Sanitary in the Modern Coworking Office Space

As more people return to the workplace, the hybrid work model is gaining more and more traction. As a result of this new trend, employees are spending some days at the office and others working from home. 

This new shared and collaborative approach to business may be beneficial, but it may also be a breeding ground for diseases. This setup can cause colds, flu, and other infections to spread far more quickly than in a regular office setting.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of suggestions to help employees stay healthy and manage the new working environment. Keep reading!

1. Make it a regular practice to clean off the desk using disinfectant wipes.

A person may get away with cleaning off the desk and keyboard a few times each week in a conventional office setting. When someone arrives at the workplace at a shared desk, this should now be the first task on their to-do list. Disconnect everything. Wipe it clean. Don’t forget about the keyboard and mouse!

2. Do not share pens

Jotting down a quick note or two while at the office shouldn’t be a big deal. The problem comes when one person leaves with a pen that has germs that can be transferred to the next person to use it. That’s why it’s important to keep your own pen, pencil, and highlighter on your desk. Yes, this will mean you have to spend a few extra bucks, but it’s worth the investment to keep you healthy.

3. Wash your hands often

As we mentioned in #1, it’s important to wipe down the desk, but it’s also important to wash your hands. A person should wash their hands for about 20-30 seconds as soon as they arrive at and leave the office. 

4. Stay hydrated

Even if you don’t work in a shared space, it’s a good idea to keep a water bottle on your desk. A person should drink at least 8 cups of water a day. This will help to flush the body of germs and keep the body hydrated.

5. Try to avoid eating at your desk

One of the best ways to avoid germs is to avoid putting your fingers in your mouth. This means skipping the morning bowl of cereal and the afternoon bag of chips. It’s also a good idea to skip the morning cup of coffee. If it must be done, try to wash your hands at least before you eat.

6. Clean your phone regularly

It’s easy to forget how dirty our phones can be because they live in our pockets. They’re a breeding ground for bacteria because we often touch our faces without washing our hands. It’s a good idea to wipe down your phone with disinfecting wipes or to use a cleaning cloth. 


A hybrid office may be a trend, but it’s a trend that continues to grow. This new space has many benefits, but it can also lead to an increase in the spread of germs. By following the tips above, a person can stay healthy in a coworking office.

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