7 Steps For Deep Cleaning Your Laundry Room At Home

Even though doing laundry is a chore that many people despise, someone has to do it! On the other hand, some people enjoy washing day and don’t just hop in and out of the room as soon as possible! 

Those who belong to the latter group are likely to have a clean and organized laundry room, while those who don’t stay long enough to put the detergent bottle back in its place are likely to have a dirty laundry room!

It’s time to do so again, regardless of how long it’s been since you cleaned your laundry room! Use the steps below to help you complete the task one at a time. However, if you need professional cleaning services, read on to learn where to find a deep cleaning company in Seattle. 

Step 1: Clean Up the Dust

When you don’t clean as regularly as you should, dust accumulates on surfaces and begins to accumulate, just like it does in any other room in your house. Fine fibers and dust particles combine in the laundry room to coat the shelves and surfaces, necessitating a thorough clean down to eliminate them. 

Apart from that, for a genuinely comprehensive, top to bottom clean, pay special attention to the ceiling and ceiling corners.

Step 2: Clean The Area Behind The Washer And Dryer

You have no idea how filthy it is back there until you drop a sock behind the washer or dryer and have to retrieve it. Mold may grow on the wall and the back of the appliances, along with clumps of dust, lint, and filth. Cleaning underneath your washer and dryer is crucial for deep cleaning your laundry room.

Step 3: Get Rid of the Buildup on the Countertop

Drips and detergent spills on the counter solidify, attracting dust and debris. These are ugly stains that detract from the overall aesthetic of your countertop and become increasingly difficult to remove over time. As a result, a thorough cleaning to eliminate countertop accumulation is required.

Step 4: Organize the Cabinets

Cabinet fronts are frequently cleansed to look great, yet the interiors are often left unclean and messy! Because your laundry room is a tight location in a humid environment, neglecting the insides of cupboards can lead to mold growth. You won’t have to worry about this happening in your laundry room cupboards if you regularly clean (and tidy).

Taking out all the contents is the easiest way to rapidly deep clean the inside, check bottles’ expiration dates, and dispose of empty ones. Remove any shelf liners there and keep new ones on hand to replace them when you’ve finished cleaning inside. Wipe out the interiors of your cabinets with a multipurpose cleaner or a surface-appropriate cleaner before moving on to the exteriors.

Step 5: Clean the Sink 

Dirt, stains, and bacteria growth are common in laundry room sinks. This can quickly become a filthy environment that must be sterilized with a strong disinfectant. To eliminate bacteria safely and effectively, we recommend using undiluted vinegar. Spritz or pour vinegar into the insides of your sink and let it sit for a few minutes.

After that, dampen a scrubber or sponge and clean the sink down before washing it. Remember to clean the faucet and other fixtures as well. You’ll need some mild soap and a scrubber to do it swiftly and effectively.

Step 6: Wash the Window

Cleaning windows can be done in various ways; some use soap and water, while the quickest option uses glass cleaner. Before you begin, remove all dust and filth from the window panes, regardless of your preferred method. This step has already been completed in our laundry room deep cleaning guide, so you can move on to cleaning the rest of the windows.

Vacuum the window tracks to eliminate accumulated dirt and debris before washing or cleaning the glass. You’ll have a greater mess if you wash the windows and allow the water to saturate the tracks. Cleaning the window panes and wiping the handles is the final step.

Step 7: Mop and Vacuum the Floor

Like most other rooms in your house, the floor is the last thing you should clean in the laundry room. It’s probably covered in dust and has a few unsightly stains. If you think the laundry room still needs some cleaning, you may need to seek a cleaning service in Seattle. 


Whether you prefer doing laundry or not, cleaning your laundry room thoroughly is essential. In every part of your home, preventing mold and bacteria accumulation is essential, and the method above may help you achieve just that with a thorough deep clean of the laundry room! If you don’t have the time to clean, you may also get help from a professional cleaning company in Seattle. 

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