How to Replace Bad Cleaning Habits

Living on your own can be fun and fulfilling, but it can also mean the responsibility of caring for the home is all yours. That includes cleaning up and maintaining your place. However, it’s not every day that you have the motivation to clean up and organize everything. But the good thing is that there are cleaning habits that we can incorporate into ourselves to replace our bad ones.

  • Keeping Papers

Even if online billing and banking are readily available nowadays, there will still be instances when receipts end up in random places. Even newspapers, magazines, school papers, and projects may accumulate over time. Never let that happen. 

You can designate a place where they can all pile up for easier cleaning. For more important papers such as tax receipts, file them properly in folders and safe places. 

  • Forgetting to Hang Used Towels

Keep in mind that used towels and bathrobes are moist and can invite mildew growth. Once such organisms develop in these items, it will be more difficult to wash them. Installing a towel hanger near the windows can allow moisture to evaporate. It can also dry your towel more quickly for your next shower.

  • Leaving Dirty Dishes

Everyone has experienced the feeling of laziness settling in after eating, especially after looking at the pile of dirty dishes left behind. Dirty dishes in the open may become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and pests. If you have a dishwasher, train everyone to put the dishes in there after eating. Meanwhile, if you prefer handwashing, it would help to assign someone after meals to wash the dishes.

  • Wearing Outdoor Shoes Inside the House

Dirt marks from outdoor shoes brought inside can be a real pain. They may take more than a vacuum to remove. The stains may even need mopping or scrubbing to eliminate the dirt. To stop this from happening, place a shoe rack in the foyer and train everyone to switch to indoor footwear upon entering the house. This way, the dirt stays outside or in the shoe rack, which will be easier to clean later on.

  • Leaving Bed Unmade

An unmade bed is common in children and teens. Have your kid remove all the unnecessary things on top of their bed and leave the important ones like pillows and blankets. The less clutter there is, the easier they will make it up in the morning. Hopefully, this will encourage them to fix their beds as soon as they wake up.


The most notable issue when it comes to cleaning a house is leaving it messy for a long time before cleaning up. As soon as you find a mess or anything out of place, fix or clean it up immediately. This way, it will be easier to maintain cleanliness and order. Have your family or even roommates do a bit of cleaning every day, to save yourself massive bursts of cleaning later on.

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