5 Living Room Items Making You Sick

Every home has a living room, and it’s one of the most convivial areas where families, friends, and loved ones can gather. It’s a versatile space designed to encourage fun, entertainment, and productivity, making it one of the busiest rooms for average households. Seeing as it’s an area that sees plenty of action, it’s also one of the easily dirtiest rooms in your home.

It’s true that we need to keep the living room clean so it looks presentable for guests, but dust bunnies, grime, and other forms of dirt can be hiding in hidden nooks and crannies. These are the overlooked spots that don’t appear dirty at first glance but are actually a breeding ground for disease-causing bacteria. 

We’ve established that the living room is where your family unwinds after a hectic day and where your children will hang out. In a COVID-ridden world, it’s important more than ever to ensure every spot is spick-and-span, so you maintain a healthy home. 

Dirty Spot #1: Remote Controls

In a time of social distancing when everyone’s homebound, it’s no surprise to see most rely on TV for entertainment. Netflix dominated 2020 and didn’t show any signs of slowing down, which means your TV system will likely have germs creeping all over it. 

The remote control is arguably the most touched item in the living room, and while it doesn’t feel icky, it may harbor bacteria that can make your family sick when left unchecked. With that in mind, it pays to sanitize seemingly harmless items like remote controls so you can binge-watch with no worries. 

Dirty Spot #2: Air Fresheners

Spritzing the air with pleasant fragrances can lift the mood up; that’s why air fresheners are a household favorite since they can promote a breezy and clean atmosphere. While the living room may smell like a flower bed when you use home fragrance products, the reality is that these diffusers can trap more dirt than meets the eye.

Air fresheners only mask unpleasant odors, but they don’t actually eliminate the bacteria circulating in the air. This means you may still be dealing with poor indoor air quality, so it’s better to let fresh air in to get rid of the invisible allergens that may be compromising your health.

You can also place bowls of distilled white vinegar around the room to absorb foul odors before getting rid of the pungent scent with essential oils. 

Dirty Spot #3: Vacuum Cleaner

Those with carpets in their living rooms know how vacuum cleaners are a must to keep all the dust at bay, especially for homes with pets. But every time you use the vacuum cleaner, it can blow out fine particles and other forms of dander that can contaminate your living room further. Because of this, it’s essential to keep your cleaning materials well-cleaned, too, if you want to do their job effectively. 

The Bottom Line: Cleaning Overlooked Dirty Spots in Your Living Room 

Keeping your space clean is a chore that many busybodies don’t have time for, but it’s a necessity that also can’t be left in the backseat of your priorities.

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