How to Protect Your Carpet When Having a Party

Parties are indeed fun. What’s not fun is the cleanup that comes after, especially when you see how much of a mess it has made on your carpets. But did you know that there are some precautionary steps that you can take to prevent stains and damages to your carpets? 

Here, Queen Bee Cleaning Services, a reputable professional cleaning company in Seattle, shares some tips that you can follow to protect your carpets before you throw a party for your friends:

Lay Down Mats and Runners on Top of the Carpet

If you lay mats on top of dirty carpets, you are doing them a favor because they will shield the stains and dirt on the carpet. If you use runners, the guests will be able to walk easily, and the runners will protect the carpet from getting wet.

Try to Avoid Serving Drinks and Food That Are Dark in Color

It is a good idea to avoid serving dark-colored foods and beverages at your party. This is because once the food or liquid is spilled, it will leave stains on the carpet that are hard to remove.

Keep the Party Contained in One Area

Once you have decided on the area where you want to hold your party, keep it contained in one area, such as a living room. This way, you will be able to clean up all the mess quickly in one place.

Make Sure There’s a Garbage Can in Every Room

During the party, make sure that each of the rooms has a garbage bin so that you can properly dispose of the trash instead of just kicking it out of sight where you think no one will notice it. This way, you will be able to avoid cluttering your floor and avoid attracting pests to your home.

Apply Stain Guard Before the Party

Applying a stain guard to your carpet beforehand will prevent it from getting stained while the party is still going on. This is a good idea because you will not have to worry about the rug getting stained once the party starts and a lot of people are moving around.

Immediately Clean the Carpet After the Party

After the party, clean the area thoroughly. Do not just sweep up the mess and go on with your day. Cleaning it right away will avoid stress during the cleaning process and improve the quality of your carpet.

If there’s a spill or something has fallen on the carpet, you should immediately remove it. Do it before it gets stained or left there for a long time. This will prevent any damage to the carpet and preserve its quality.


All these tips and tricks can be used for any other events that you would like to hold, such as housewarming parties, baby showers, birthday parties, and so on. No matter what event you’re hosting, we hope that these tips will help make the cleaning process easier for you. Protecting your carpet is easy to do, and it can help you extend the life of your carpet, saving you money in the long run. Of course, there’s always a risk that it will still get stained even with your precautions. If the stain is too hard to remove, you should get a professional carpet cleaner in Seattle to do it for you.

Contact Queen Bee Cleaning Services today if you need a carpet cleaning service in Seattle. We are an established company of professional cleaners who can handle any small or big cleaning task. Reach out to us to schedule your cleaning appointment!

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