Signs Your Home Needs a Deep Clean

When cleaning your home, most people think that deep cleaning is something you do only once a year. But the fact is that you should be deep cleaning your home on a more regular basis.

It’s not just about getting rid of dust and dirt in your home; it’s also about ensuring that it stays healthy for you and your family.

The following are some of the things that indicate that you need to deep clean your home:

You Are Noticing an Unpleasant Smell

It’s time to give your house a deep clean when you start smelling something foul but can’t trace the source. If you smell something odd, don’t ignore it.

You may be tempted to think that the smell is coming from outside or that your garbage disposal is broken, but take a good whiff and see if you can pinpoint where it’s coming from.

If you can’t find the source of the foul smell, it might be time to deep clean your house.

Things Are Starting to Pile Up

Your home is starting to get cluttered when things that don’t belong in a specific room are starting to pile up.

The more stuff you have, the more dust and dirt will accumulate. If things are hard to find in your home, consider setting aside a day on which to organize your belongings. Also, an organized home is easier to clean than a chaotic one.

Health Issues Starts to Arise

If you notice that you are getting sick more often than usual or if there is an increase in allergy flare-ups, it may be time for a thorough cleaning. This may signify that dust and dirt are starting to pile up in your home. It is important to clean regularly so that you can maintain good health.

When you get sick with the flu or a cold, it’s not always because your immune system is weak. You might be getting sick because your living space is dirty. You see, a clean environment can make you healthier.

Some Rooms are Neglected

Cluttered rooms are a sign that your home could use a deep cleaning. You don’t want to lose access to a whole room when a thorough scrub could make all of those problems go away.

Wall Discoloration

When did you last scrub your walls? They’re one of the most overlooked spaces in the house, so it’s easy to forget that they need a good scrubbing once in a while.

If your walls look dingy and faded, then it’s time to give your home a good scrubbing.

Stubborn Stains on the Floor or Carpet

You can have a clean home with regular vacuuming and mopping, but sometimes you must go deeper for the best results.

Stained floors and matted carpets indicate that your regular cleaning method isn’t working. To keep your home’s hard surfaces clean, you’ll need a deep-cleaning tool.


The best way to determine if you need to start deep cleaning your house is by paying attention to your home and how it feels when you’re inside. Again, while cleaning your home isn’t always the most fun task, it’s an important one that shouldn’t be overlooked. By paying attention to the state of your home, you can better tell when it’s time to deep clean. After all, a clean house doesn’t just mean that things are in good condition; it also feels better to be there.

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