How to Keep Your Vacation Rentals Maintained & Sustainable

As we all know, performing maintenance in vacation rentals is already default. But, keeping them sustainable is another story. When we say sustainable, we mean that you should perform green efforts to make your vacation rentals environmentally friendly. 

If you own an Airbnb or VRBO property, this article will be perfect for you. Here, we will give you some tips on how you can keep your property well-maintained while working on being sustainable. 

Let’s get to it!

Tip #1: Change Your Light Bulbs Into LED or Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

One great way to keep your vacation rentals well-maintained and sustainable is changing your light bulbs into LED or compact fluorescent bulbs. These kinds of light bulbs are energy-efficient. They also produce zero toxic elements, require fewer light fixtures, and have a longer lifespan, helping you save money and the environment.  

Remember, the less energy you use, the better it is for the environment as well as your utility bills. After all, you can’t control how many lights your guests will use or for how long, so it’s best to change your light bulbs into these kinds. 

Tip #2: Ensure That Your Vacation Rentals Are Well-Insulated 

Keeping your property well-insulated is also helpful for maintaining a sustainable vacation rental. Why? Your guests don’t have to use the thermostat, reducing energy consumption because the property already has the desired temperature. It can also reduce noise pollution and can prevent pests from coming in. 

Before you accept guests on your property, make sure to seal any cracks and select the right caulk for the job. Also, keep your doors weather-stripped to maintain the right temperature. 

Tip #3: Consider Going Solar

As you know, solar power has beneficial effects on the environment. It can also save you a fortune on your utility costs because you don’t have to spend much. So, consider installing solar panels on your vacation rentals as they are a great way to keep your property sustainable. 

Tip #4: Only Use All-Natural Cleaning Products

To keep your vacation rentals well-maintained and sustainable, you should use all-natural cleaning products when cleaning. It will not only keep your property safe but also your guests.

Take note that many cleaning products are harmful, and their harmful effects may only be evident over time. Meanwhile, if you use natural cleaning products, you’re lessening the risk of coming in contact with harsh chemicals.

As much as possible, only use cleaning products that appear on the EPA’s list of approved disinfectants. Also, while it is crucial to protect the planet, the safety of your guests should always come first. 


You can keep your vacation rentals well-maintained and sustainable at the same time. By following our tips, you can maintain perfectly clean and green vacation rentals. Also, make sure to hire the best cleaners so that they can help you in keeping your property clean, well-maintained, and sustainable—all at the same time.  

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