How to Keep Your Airbnb Clean_ A Quick Guide

Both foreigners and local tourists travel to Washington, D.C. to immerse themselves in the city’s rich culture and witness its famous historical landmarks. Most of them opt to stay in an Airbnb situated in a decent location, preferably in a safe neighborhood, with easy access to restaurants and transportation, and with beautiful interiors and cleanliness as one of its features. 

Cleanliness is worth emphasizing, though, as it directly impacts your guests’ overall perception of your listing. As an Airbnb owner, You must know that one of the key ways to give a great guest experience is to provide them with an outstanding level of comfort.  This includes a squeaky clean home that looks and feels brand new each time. 

If you want to be rated with five-star reviews, maintain your Airbnb property with regular cleaning schedules or work with a trustworthy cleaning service. Here’s how to get it right:

Setting Up Rules and Regulations

To ensure that your guests remain comfortable and safe throughout their stay, it is essential to follow a few fundamental housekeeping standards and recommendations. Keep in mind that it is your responsibility as a host to establish house rules.

Some hosts give cleaning supplies to visitors for everyday spills and accidents. If your visitors are renting your Airbnb for the long-term, you might offer to clean the bathroom weekly. Moreover, you should follow specific fundamental housekeeping guidelines every time a visitor departs from your Airbnb. All towels, pillowcases, and bedding must be washed, for instance, whereas floors need to be disinfected. 

Airbnb has adopted a five-step improved cleaning process based on their cleaning manual that homeowners must adhere to between visits. This procedure entails the following steps:

  • Preparing: Prepare the space for a safe, effective clean. 
  • Cleaning: Remove dust and dirt from all surfaces ranging from the countertops to floors.
  • Sanitizing: Use chemical disinfectants on high-touch surfaces. 
  • Checking: Clean and sanitize each space based on the checklist for each room.
  • Resetting: Wash your hands to prevent cross-contamination when cleaning and sanitizing a room.

Seeking a Professional Cleaning Service

Every once in a while, you’re going to have to deep clean your entire Airbnb. This means you have to seek a professional Airbnb cleaning service that offers deep cleaning for high-use areas and complete disinfection from top to bottom. 

Make sure you work with a team who can go through a checklist with you, including items such as emptying the trash, dusting, vacuuming, and mopping. This way, you can guarantee that you can welcome new guests with a sparkling clean home!


Setting up your Airbnb is, indeed, the fun part. You get to design, curate and take photographs that will entice new tenants. However, earning a good living off your listing is also a heavy responsibility that you have to keep up with. Properties are, after all, an investment, so it makes sense that you have to maintain them regularly. 

To be rated with a downpour of five-star reviews and happily welcome returning guests, make sure you schedule regular cleaning sessions and book deep cleaning services. All the work will be worth it in the long run!

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