How to Keep the House Clean_ Tips for Extremely Busy People

Everyone wants to stay in a clean and organized home. Unfortunately, as easy as that may sound, it involves a lot of work. This simple goal is difficult to attain, especially for people with a busy schedule. Things can be overwhelming when things are not in their proper places. 

Failing to see items you need or living in a place covered in dust can be pretty stressful. However, this does not need to be your reality. All you have to do is follow the tips compiled below. 

How to Keep the House Clean for the Busy Bees

Tip 1: Make Cleaning Part of the Daily Schedule

Cleaning becomes too time-consuming if you let the tasks pile up. Breaking the tasks into small parts and completing one to two of them every day would help you keep a house clean and reduce the tasks you have for the weekend. Regular cleaning can help keep things organized and stop the spread of germs and viruses in the house. 

List down tasks that can be done daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. Allot 10 to 15 minutes every day and do what you can do in the given time. Finish more tasks if you can spare some more minutes. That would help you prioritize what to do and solve not having enough time for everything.

Tip 2: Start by Making Your Bed

If starting with the cleaning routine seems challenging for you, start by making your bed. It is the first and most crucial cleaning task that you need to fulfill every day. While it may seem unproductive, it helps you boost your productivity. 

Putting the bed in order is a step in organizing your space. With an organized area comes an organized mind and, consequently, an organized life. Do not underestimate its power. Accomplish it for a whole month and see how it improves your life. 

Tip 3: Clean Up Spills ASAP

Spilling drinks is a common scenario at every house. When this happens, wipe it immediately. Doing that task would not take more than five minutes of work. You can get rid of a tough cleaning problem to solve later. 

Tip 4: Wash Your Dishes Every Day

When a person is too busy, it is so easy to put off cleaning dishes later. If this is a habit you are used to doing, consider changing your ways from now on. Making this a habit could lead to two consequences. 

It would be harder to wash dirty dishes when the dirt already has solidified after hours or days, and it could also attract pests. Make sure to allow at least ten minutes every day to clean the dirty dishes and place them back in their proper places. 

Tip 5: Clean Before You Sleep

Picking up items around the house before you retire for the night is a quick and easy way to start the following day on the right track. All you need to do is place them in their original placement. There is no need to dust off shelves or vacuum and mop the floors. 

Doing this for a few minutes can help you guarantee a better work and living space than what you usually wake up to. 


Everyone wants to have a clean house, but not all are ready to do the work it entails. These simple steps altogether may not even amount to an hour of work every day, yet you can remove several tasks in your to-clean list for the house. When you do the small steps, you will have a more manageable place to live in. 

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