Helpful and Effective Tips to Reduce Dust in Your Home_ Part 2

If you have seasonal allergies, one of the best ways to reduce your chances of getting into coughing and sneezing fits is to get rid of as much dust in your home as possible. If you have found yourself on this blog post, it means that you want to take active steps to ensure that your home is dust-free. This is actually a two-part article that will cover how dust gets into your home and effective ways to get rid of it. 

Part one of this article covered the causes of dust getting into your home, and this second installment will discuss more ways to effectively keep dust from settling on your things and in your home. 

Helpful and Effective Tips to Reduce Dust in Your Home: Part 2

As mentioned in the first article, there are specific ways that have been proven effective against dust buildup in your home. Getting rid of dust will reduce the risk of allergic reactions and will also help your home look neat and clean at all times. 

Tips to Reduce Dust in Your Home (continued)

If you have read the first two tips in the first article, here are some more tips to help you reduce the dust in your home!

Tip #3 – Vacuum The Right Way

When your aim is to get rid of as much dust as you possibly can, it is a must that you vacuum all the corners of your carpets, rugs, and floors. Making sure that all the parts of your floors are covered will ensure that your vacuum cleaner is able to suck up as much dust as it can. Remember that only doing some parts of the floor area will not cut it, especially if you are trying to avoid having thick dust build up. 

Tip #4 – Change Your Beddings Regularly

Dust can gather fairly quickly on your beddings, especially on the parts of the bed where you don’t usually lie down. Changing your beddings every week will help avoid too much dust falling on the place where you sleep at night. 

Tip #5 – Use Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are extremely useful to get rid of dust particles, fur (if you own pets) and other unwanted particles that are floating around in your home’s air. Remember that dust is not only found on the floor and other surfaces, it is usually found in the air, too. 

Tip # 6 – Use Microfiber Cloths to Clean Up Dust

Using a microfiber towel will help you clean up the dust that has landed on your table and other surfaces. You will only need to use one clean sweep utilizing this type of cleaning tool, making the process quicker and easier. 


While all of these tips are effective, especially if they are done correctly, one common problem is that some people do not have enough time on their hands to dust and vacuum their homes thoroughly. This is where hiring the services of reliable cleaning services will come in handy. Having a skilled cleaning crew come in and rid your home of dust will assure you of quality work and a house sans dust. 

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