How to Effectively Remove Cat Urine on Surfaces – Part 1

A responsible cat owner enjoys petting cats and understands how to care for them, from grooming to proper hygiene. Cats, like all other animals, discharge bodily waste regularly. Their urine can be so foul that it spreads throughout the house.

The pungent odor of cat urine can endanger your family’s health. The area where your cat peed should be thoroughly cleaned right away. Never be afraid to request professional cleaning services to ensure that the places where your cat pees are thoroughly cleaned.

Here is your guide to getting rid of cat urine smells.

Use a Carpet Cleaning Machine

The easiest way to get rid of the cat pee smell on the carpet is to use a carpet cleaning machine. This pushes cleaning solutions deep into the carpet and absorbs all of the water, cleaner, and urine.

Use an Upholstery Cleaning Machine

When cleaning your couch and carpet, using an upholstery cleaning machine to get rid of the cat pee smell is your best bet. Scrubbing attachments on these cleaners make removing stains and odors from your couch much more effortless. You can soak the affected area without worrying about overdoing it because the water, urine, and cleaning can all be sucked out when you’re done.

Use an Enzyme Cleaner

Enzymatic cleaners are cleaning products that contain enzymes to help with stain and odor removal. Making your enzyme cleaner from natural ingredients is simple. Combine three parts white vinegar and one part water in a spray bottle—all that’s there is to it!

This is how generally you can clean both your couch and carpet using an enzyme cleaner:

  • Rub any wet pee areas with dry towels as soon as possible, then repeat with new towels until they are clean.
  • Cover it with a clean, moist cloth after thoroughly spraying the urine spot with your homemade enzyme cleaner. Cover the fabric with something heavy to help the cleaning solution seep into the carpet.
  • Allow the enzyme solution to dry overnight in the open air. Wipe up any excess moisture with a towel if the carpet isn’t entirely dry.

Prevent Your Cats from Peeing in the Area Again

Once a particular area has been cleaned, change the area’s significance to your cat to avoid an event from happening again. In other words, because cats prefer distinct locations for eating and discarding, place food bowls and treats in previously soiled areas, or play with your cat and leave toys there.

Something is awry if your cat starts urinating in places they’ve never urinated before. It’s also essential to figure out what’s causing the problem.

Check your cat’s litter box first. Unappealing litter boxes frequently cause cats to urinate in inappropriate areas. To prevent your cat from peeing somewhere else, keep the litter box uncovered, large enough for your cat, and clean regularly.

Final Words

To break the habit of your cat peeing on your floors and furnishings, you must first identify the source of the problem. This could involve everything from medical issues to stressors.

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