Basement Cleaning Tips:Tidy Space

No matter how clean someone is with their home or how organized they are with their stuff, chances are, they don’t include their basement in their regular cleaning routine. Why bother? It’s not like you’re using the space every day! But what if you suddenly need the space? Perhaps you want to use it as a crafts room or a gym. Maybe you just want to keep it clean and organized so you won’t have trouble looking for stuff. 

If you haven’t cleaned the basement for some time now, it’s best to get professional deep cleaning services first. That way, you’ll just have to maintain what the cleaners already started. 

Here are some of the ways you can keep your basement clean and tidy at all times:

Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

More often than not, homeowners keep stuff that they don’t regularly use in their basements. But why keep those things if you don’t use them in the first place? If you haven’t used an item or worn clothes in a year or so, chances are, you will not use them again. Go through the things you have in your basement and get rid of things that have no purpose and are just cluttering your space.

Vacuum Regularly

The cleaning company will have done a great job of this for you, but you’ll likely make some mess again after sorting your stuff, and the floor will be dusty. Vacuum the floor thoroughly to get rid of dust and debris, and here’s the more important thing – start doing it regularly! If you can’t vacuum daily, do it at least once a week to prevent dust accumulation. 

Remove Carpet Stains

There’s a high chance that you’ll find your carpet dirty and stained when you finally get rid of the boxes of things you keep in your basement. You have two options here. You can buy a high-quality stain remover and carpet shampoo and do the job yourself, or you can hire a reliable team like Queen Bee Cleaning Service that can provide you with professional carpet cleaning services, too. If you choose the latter, you won’t have to spend money on carpet cleaning supplies that you won’t be using regularly or spend the day doing the job. You can also be sure that you’ll get a fresh, clean, and sanitized carpet once they’re done. 

Organize Your Basement

It may be impossible to get rid of all the stuff you keep in your basement, as some of them may have sentimental value for you. What you can do instead is to keep everything organized into categories or zones. For instance, you can organize one corner so it could hold all your arts and crafts stuff. You can have shelves and clear acrylic boxes to store your yarns, materials, and others so you can easily see them, too. Then you can have a closet or even just boxes for your clothes with the proper labels, including the name of the owner, the type of clothing, or for what season.

Have a sofa or a couch, good lighting, and anything else that could make hanging out in your basement possible. When you regularly use your basement, you’ll clean it often, too!


More homeowners are now seeing the potential in their basements. That’s a good thing because basements can offer additional usable space and shouldn’t be put to waste by just using it to hold all your clutter. Cleaning the basement and keeping it organized will help ensure that everyone in your family will be comfortable hanging out there. If the task looks overwhelming, get professional deep cleaning services and carpet cleaning, which you need to do if you’re planning to transform your basement. 

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