How to Choose the Right Carpet Cleaning Method for Your Home

Some people like having a carpeted floor because it makes their home feel more cozy and comfortable. However, carpets can collect dust, dirt, and other debris over time. And so, it’s important to clean your carpet regularly to prevent triggering respiratory problems. 

But what many people aren’t aware of is that there are actually many different carpet cleaning methods. And the one you’re most familiar with isn’t always the best option for your carpet. To help you figure out which method will work best for your carpet, we’ve created a short guide on the different carpet cleaning methods available.

Carpet Shampooing

Based on the name itself, you can probably tell how this particular carpet cleaning method goes. In carpet shampooing, carpet cleaners will use specialty detergents along with a lot of water to shampoo the carpet. Think of it as shampooing your pet but more cooperative and a lot more area to cover. Carpet cleaners will also often use rotating brushes to scrub the shampoo into the carpet. The rotating brushes also help loosen any dirt or debris stuck to the carpet. This method is best for removing stubborn stains on your carpet. 

Hot Water Extraction

For this carpet cleaning method, hot water or steam is applied to the carpet fibers using a high-pressure wand. With the combination of hot water and high pressure, dirt, mud, and debris is dissolved for easier extraction. The steam also helps fluff the carpet, making it softer to touch. If you have any allergies or are sensitive to certain shampoos and detergents, this cleaning method may be best for you. 

Foam Cleaning

This method of carpet cleaning is often reserved for extremely dirty carpets. In foam carpet cleaning or encapsulation, the carpet cleaners will apply a specialty foam to the carpet to clean it. Once applied, the foam will bubble up and expand. This expanding foam will then trap the dirt and other debris and bring them to the surface. The carpet cleaners will then use steam extraction to remove the trapped dirt and foam from the carpet.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning isn’t just reserved for clothes. It can also be used to clean dirty carpets. Similar to other dry cleaning services, a specialty powder detergent or other similar chemicals are used to clean the carpet. This method is referred to as “dry” because only a small amount of water is mixed with the specialty detergent. The difference, however, is that a rotating brush is used to push the specialty powder detergent into the carpet fibers. Carpet cleaners will then use a specialty extraction tool to remove the detergent and loose dirt from the carpet. This method is often preferred for commercial settings and busy homes, as you won’t need to wait for the carpet to dry.

Bonnet Cleaning

This carpet cleaning method is different from the rest because it uses a specialty carpet cleaning machine to do the job. The machine has a thick bonnet over its front which rubs shampoo along the surface of the fibers. This method may be preferred by some since it is quick and affordable. However, it may not be recommended for dirtier carpets. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to carpet cleaning, there are actually a few options to choose from. But ultimately, the choice comes down to your needs and priorities. So, you have to consider certain factors such as the condition of your carpet, budget, and time constraints when making your decision.

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