Here’s How to Deep Clean Your House in a Span of a Week

We need to deep clean our homes regularly. This is important because it ensures that we get rid of the toughest of dirt and dust that we cannot get to with just our usual cleaning routines. While some people may enjoy going at it all at once every now and then, there are those who just do not have the time.

For those with busy schedules, we recommend breaking the tasks down over the span of a week. Not only will this result in you not taking over an hour or two for each task, but it always leaves you with a lot of time, and you can avoid being overwhelmed. So how do you break down these cleaning tasks?

Monday – Windows

First things first, you have to deal with your windows. The windows are a great source of dirt and dust, so it only makes sense to clean them first. Grab your vacuum and get all those hard-to-reach places, changing attachments to make sure you get everything. You can even utilize a hand vacuum for those tiniest corners.

For your blinds, grab a microfiber cloth and tackle all of that dirt and dust. Make sure to be careful when cleaning your windows to avoid cutting or hurting yourself.

Tuesday – Ceiling and Ceiling Fixtures

For the ceiling and any fixtures on it like lights and fans, you can go back to your trusty vacuum. Be sure to get rid of all the dirt, cobwebs, and dust and to vacuum it all up, so it does not fall all over your floor, bed, and basically your home. Be careful when vacuuming your light bulbs and fans though because they are fragile and could break.

Wednesday – Bathroom

The trick to cleaning your bathroom is to start with a toilet bowl and a floor cleaner first, as you need those to settle in for at least 10 minutes. Once you have those applied, you can spend your waiting time clearing your counters and tossing away all unused and expired products. Be sure to also scrub your sink, showerheads, and faucets to get rid of the gunk that has formed. Once done, you can scrub down your floor and toilet and wash away the cleaning products.

Thursday – Kitchen

To begin, you will want to clear out your fridge and get rid of old food so you can wash all the containers. Next is to tackle any dishes that you have left and put them away. Be sure to then wipe down all of the greases from the counters, the stove, and even your microwave.

Friday – Bedroom

Declutter and organize your vanity, closets, desks, and drawers because that is where the mess usually is. You can then just vacuum up the place and change into some fresh seats. Be sure to give the room some sunlight by opening the windows to let out any old smells.

Saturday – Floor

The floor is probably the easiest to clean because all you need to do is vacuum it and then mop it over with water, soap, and water to get rid of the soap and let it dry. Just make sure to mop all parts of the floor, such as under your couch, and not just the visible ones.

Sunday – Final Touches

On the last day, there is not much to do except simple organizing. Change those flowers in your vase, arrange the shoe rack, fix the crooked photos, and whatnot. Once done, you have officially deep cleaned your house over the span of a week.


Deep cleaning your home does not need to be a scary and overwhelming task. You can break it down over a week to ensure that you get everything done. However, if you really feel like you cannot do it, there is also no shame in hiring a professional cleaning service to help you out. What is important is you get to achieve a cleaner home for your own benefit.

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