Do You Clean the Dirtiest Things You Have in Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is a place of rest and recuperation, so it’s essential to maintain its cleanliness. You spend countless hours in this space, and you may not realize just how grimy some of its contents can be.

Because you usually end up being tired by the time you spend much time here, the odds are that you let your regular cleaning slip up. While it’s understandable to miss some steps every now and then, poor hygiene and sanitation will leave you with a messy space that is not conducive to your well-being.

You may end up needing cleaning services to put your bedroom back to order. Make sure you know the hotspots of dirt just lying around your place of rest. Here are some things you may want to look into more thoroughly:

Your Pillows

You may think that your pillows may not be too dirty if you bathe regularly. However, you may be surprised at the number of germs and bacteria that sneak onto your pillows from other parts of the bed.

These invaders may come from your hair, skin, and even from your clothing. Even while you are sleeping, your body produces sweat, hormones, and dead skin cells. Over time, this builds up on your pillow, and you have yourself a fluffy cesspool of bacteria.

Your Mattress

Just like your pillows, your mattress will be a haven for unpleasant, invisible substances. It’s already a breeding ground for bacteria, but this becomes even nastier if you don’t change your sheets often or go to bed without changing out of the clothes you’ve worn throughout the day.

Your mattress will absorb sweat, body oils, and any germs you’ve brought in from outside. All of that makes for a mess of hazards, and that’s not even accounting for any intimate activity and food or drink spills

Your Pets

We love our pets so much that it’s natural to want to let them hang out with us in our bedrooms. They can play and nap with us, and it’s all very comforting. That said, this can subject your room to fur, bacteria, and possibly fleas and ticks if you don’t treat your pets.

If you don’t give your pets regular baths, they end up making your comfortable beddings and clean floors, well, dirty. It’s even worse if your pets are allowed to play outdoors before they go into your room. On top of that, pets aren’t always the most discerning of what they bring into your room. Next thing you know, you are being presented with some accidents or even a dead roach as a “gift.”

Your Door Knobs and Light Switches

Nobody thinks about these because they are so inconsequential to the daily routine. It’s second nature to just briefly touch the knobs and lights as needed, then go about your day thinking about other activities. That said, this means they are coated with all that movement from everything people do throughout the day.

Skin oils, germs and dirt from other activities, hair, and dust all get stuck and pile up on these surfaces. It’s always a good idea to clean these every day.

Your Humidifier

You may use a humidifier as a way of ensuring you maintain the right amount of moisture in your bedroom. However, this may add to the dirt around and inside your space.

Apart from the accumulations of dust, bacteria, sweat, and hairs, such appliances also collect bacteria in their filters. It ends up being counterproductive to keep this in your room if you’re not going to clean it regularly


Don’t let things get out of hand. If you are overwhelmed with other responsibilities, you can reach out to reliable apartment cleaning services to give you a clean slate to work with.

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