Determining the Cleaning Schedule for Your Office Areas

Setting a regular schedule for cleaning your office entails knowing the ideal frequency of maintenance for specific areas. Different areas in your workspace have different exposure levels to dirt, so the attention each should receive varies as well. 

Read on to know how often specific office areas should be professionally handled by a cleaning company.


Reception areas are crucial in making a great first impression on guests, clients, and even potential employees. Make sure your lobby is swept, vacuumed, and dusted on a regular basis to maintain a good image, and of course, keep everyone in the vicinity healthy and happy. 


Commercial cleaning for your carpets will depend on the foot traffic of your premises. Huge amounts of dirt and mud, especially during the rainy season, can stain and damage your carpets and floors and cost you more in the future. For this reason, it’s crucial to maintain their cleanliness regularly.


Because kitchens are prone to bacteria and infection, you must empty the refrigerator regularly to keep mold from breeding in leftover food. In addition to deep cleaning that you can implement once a month, a daily cleaning schedule also helps keep the entire area sanitary and safe for food preparation. 


Cleaning restrooms multiple times a day is an important task that should be on your maintenance checklist. Sanitizing your restroom prevents the spread of diseases that can take a toll on your personnel and clients’ health. 

The ideal frequency for cleaning restrooms is at least once per day; more, if there is tons of traffic.


Light cleaning tasks such as emptying trash bins, vacuuming, and wiping surfaces are practices you should not skip. This habit ensures that you stay productive in this space, and your visitors remain comfortable and welcomed. 

If you stick to this daily routine religiously, you may only need deep cleaning a few times each year. 


Whether your building exterior is glass or concrete, hiring skilled pressure washing professionals is a smart decision. Washing your exteriors helps maintain light-filled interior areas for the comfort of your guests. 

Pollution from passing vehicles can blur your windows, so it is essential to keep them clean at all times. Pressure washing at least twice a year is enough for the typical commercial building. However, offices with white exteriors may have to be cleaned more. 

Deep Cleaning 

The frequency of deep cleaning for your office depends on the number of individuals who occupy your spaces. For offices with fewer employees, it makes sense to deep clean furnishings and items only twice a year. If your office accommodates dozens or even hundreds of workers and customers, hire a deep cleaning service at least once a month to avoid dirt buildup. 

We recommend consulting with trusted professionals to determine the right frequency of deep cleaning for your office space. 


You must determine which parts of your office space need daily, weekly, or monthly professional cleaning. Planning a comprehensive cleaning schedule for your office spaces requires knowledge on how often a specific area accumulates dirt. Follow our quick guide above, and you will find it easier to maintain a sparkly clean workplace that will lead to the long-term success of your enterprise. 

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