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May 26, 2022

Top 6 Tips For A Thorough Spring Cleaning in Your Home

Here's a fact: cleaning isn't something everyone looks forward to doing every day. However, in the United States, roughly 76% of householders partake in a regular spring cleaning.

Many others want to participate in the annual house cleaning but don't know where to begin.

Knowing some of the top cleaning tips can make the entire procedure for your home smoother and faster. In no time, you'll be free of messes!

Continue reading to learn about some fantastic spring-cleaning methods, or if you need help, you can also learn where to find a professional house cleaning in Seattle in this blog! 

Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

When you decide to attempt spring cleaning, the first thing you'll need is some cleaning products. The majority of these items should be readily available in your local store. You'll always have access to their stock in your home after buying them.

You'll need basic cleaning items like soaps, sponges, and surface cleansers when you start spring cleaning. Stronger cleaners, such as bleach, ammonia, baking soda, and others will be required.

Deep cleaning tasks necessitate the use of cleaning equipment. A mop, broom, and vacuum are all necessary. You can try renting a carpet cleaner or other cleaning equipment to remove dirt and filth effectively.

Cleaning will be easier with all of these products and tools. To avoid damage, always use solvents and equipment on their proper surfaces. On the other hand, seeking a house cleaning company in Seattle ensures that only the right cleaning equipment is used. This also saves you time from shopping for cleaning tools! 


Decluttering your entire home should be one of the first items on your spring-cleaning agenda. As time passes, we accumulate items that we may or may not use or require. Things start to accumulate, and junk can begin to fill your home.

In fact, if clutter goes out of control, it can have many harmful effects on your health. The dust or contaminants of what's in the trash could affect your physical health. Furthermore, your mental health is negatively impacted, leading to melancholy, anxiety, or unwelcome tension in your home.

It's critical to tidy every year to combat this problem. This involves getting rid of anything that doesn't make you happy or that you don't require.

This method will keep your home tidy and free of unneeded clutter. Many beneficial influences will emerge as a result of decluttering each year.

Spotting The Unusual Locations

Many people overlook cleaning unusual spots as they clean their homes throughout the year. As time passes, dirt accumulates in these crevices, leading them to get clogged. As a result, these areas must be addressed during spring cleaning.

Depending on the level of the dirt, some areas may require particular care or equipment to clean.

Floor Cleaning 

Every day, people walk over their floors in their homes. You never know what can be tracked from outside because they are continually stepped on. Germs, bacteria, and mites that are invasive can harm you or your house.

As a result, floor cleaning should be a top priority when spring cleaning. You'll need to figure out what kind of flooring you have and get cleaning chemicals that are appropriate for it.

Cleaning your floors helps clean them and provides you with a healthy walking surface. This will also make a significant impact on how clean your home appears.

Deep Cleaning the Appliances 

Deep cleaning isn't something you should do every day. It must, however, be done at least once a year. A thorough cleaning will also make daily maintenance easier.

Throughout the year, we use our appliances, which collect filth, grime, and germs that might potentially spread throughout the house. Naturally, the more we use appliances, the dirtier they might get. As a result, you'll have to scrub and disinfect every item in your house.

Remember to deep clean any minor appliances you may have, or ask a professional cleaning company to do it on your behalf. 

Home Improvements

Home repairs are frequently put off or ignored. Spring cleaning is the ideal time to fix anything that may have broken throughout the year.

Depending on the magnitude of the repair, you'll need to set aside enough time to complete each task. Take the time and effort to fix things correctly the first time, so you don't have to deal with them again.


When it comes to spring cleaning your house, you should start with some of the greatest spring-cleaning techniques. Hopefully, these pointers jumpstart the cleaning process and make the whole effort worthwhile. However, if you don't have the time and energy for a spring cleaning, the best tip you can find is to hire a cleaning company in Seattle instead! When you let the professionals do the work, you can guarantee your home sparkling clean. 

If you need a professional house cleaning in Seattle, stop by the Queen Bee Cleaning Services website for a free estimate! Our team of cleaning experts will take care of all your cleaning needs. 

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