6 Factors to Determine the Ideal Carpet Cleaning Frequency

Your carpets are crucial—they make your home cozier and prettier. Therefore, maintaining them is important. Your carpets should be free of dirt, dust, and odor to keep your home hygienic at all times. The question is, how often should you get your carpets cleaned? To answer this, you need to consider a few things:

  1. The Frequency of Your Vacuum Cleaning

If you vacuum your carpets once every week or two, then you can consider cleaning them every three months or even more frequently. However, the longer you are between vacuum cleaning sessions, the more your carpets will need deep cleaning by a professional carpet cleaning company.

  1. The People Who Have Allergies in Your Home

If you have members of your family who suffer from allergies, you need to have your carpets cleaned twice as frequently—at least once every three months. The allergens that people breathe in are quite persistent and not easy to get rid of. This is why you will need to book a professional carpet cleaning service more often.

  1. The Type of Carpet You Have

The type of carpet you have is also important when we talk about its cleaning frequency. If you have wool carpets, for example, then you will need to call for a professional carpet cleaning service once or twice a year. The reason is that wool carpets are very delicate and difficult to manipulate and should be handled by professionals.

  1. The Traffic of Your Home

The more traffic your carpets get, the more dirt and dust they will collect. Thus, if you have pets or there are many people in your home, you should have your carpets cleaned twice as frequently. The floors of your home are likely to get dirty if you have many guests.

  1. The Fill of Your Carpet

The fill of your carpet is also a crucial factor. If you have an industrial-grade carpet that is made of polypropylene, the cleaning frequency is going to be much longer than with a polyester or nylon carpet. Having a polypropylene carpet cleaned by a professional vacuum cleaner will not solve the problem unless you have it steam-cleaned every two years. It is that little dirt and stain that sits in between the fibers that a vacuum cleaner will not get to.

  1. The Pets You Have at Home

If you live with pets, you should clean your carpets more often than those that do not. Your hair, dirt, dander, and pet odors are likely to attract more dirt to your carpets. This is one of the major reasons why pets are not allowed in certain public areas, such as office buildings and commercial spaces. You should clean your carpets every three months to make them smell fresh again.

Keep Those Carpets Clean

Now that you’ve read this, you have a clear idea of how to determine the frequency of carpet cleaning. Your carpets are easy to maintain if you keep in mind the factors that affect their cleaning frequency. Doing so will extend its life greatly.

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