5 Red Flags of a Bad Cleaning Service To Watch Out For

5 Red Flags of a Bad Cleaning Service To Watch Out For

In most businesses, some are well-known for the excellent service or the fantastic products, while some are well-known for the wrong reasons. With the red warning flags discussed below, you’ll be able to identify if you’re dealing with a shady cleaning service.

Continue reading to learn about some of the most common red flags of a substandard cleaning service.

  1. They’re Not Registered to Do Business

The cleaning service should be entirely licensed by the state in which it operates. If a home cleaner begins with the intention of operating their company “under the radar,” avoiding taxes and trying to escape detection by the IRS, this is a red flag. If your cleaner is aware that they must register their company and pay taxes but fails to do so, they are criminals – plain and simple.

  1. Their Prices are Too Good To Be True

You may believe you’ve struck gold after discovering a low-cost house cleaning service. If anything sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The low pricing will likely come from a service that has plenty of red flags. It would help if you also kept a lookout for cleaners who underbid. Many unscrupulous cleaning companies may underbid but then boost the fee during or after the work.

Furthermore, if you select the cheapest cleaning service available and are dissatisfied, you will wind up paying more for proper cleaning.

  1. They’re Not Bonded and Insured

What if your cleaner accidentally smashes or damages anything while cleaning? What if an accident occurs as a result of a slick floor, or something is stolen? How will you make up for your losses?

A professional house cleaning service will have liability insurance and bonding. A year’s worth of liability insurance for a house cleaning costs less than $500. The average house cleaner will spend $200-$500 on bonding. Insurance and bonding are essential because they protect the firm from litigation while protecting you from damage, injury, and theft.

How can you trust a cleaning service if they couldn’t be bothered to make such a fundamental investment?

  1. They Don’t Have a Permanent Address

When was the last time you stepped into a store and made a servicing appointment? We can’t blame you if it’s been years since it happened; practically everything is done online nowadays. Unfortunately, fraudsters often disguise themselves as service providers to get easy entry into people’s homes. When looking for a professional house cleaner, be sure they have an office location.

When you want to make a complaint about whatever reason, whether it’s poor service, property damage, or theft, visiting the headquarters is your best bet. You are most likely dealing with fraudsters if the firm has no permanent address or provides a false one online.

  1. You’re In Charge of the Supplies

Unless the client says otherwise, quality cleaners will always bring their cleaning equipment and materials unless the customer specifies otherwise. And sure, mops and vacuum cleaners are included!


By knowing about and looking for these red flags, you can tell if a house cleaning service is worth your time and money. After all, you want a cleaning job that is both thorough and worthwhile.

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