5 Kitchen Areas in Need of Cleaning

5 Filthy Kitchen Places Needing House Cleaning Services ASAP

Your kitchen is the essential room of your home. It’s where you whip up meals, entertain guests, and gather during dinner time. However, the more you use this room, the more bacteria and germs it collects.

Keeping a clean kitchen can help avoid attracting pests, prevent food spoilage, and maintain an orderly appearance. However, we can’t always maintain a clean kitchen because of our hectic schedules and other responsibilities. And that’s where house cleaning services come in. 

Hiring reliable house cleaning services can give you a cleaner kitchen while you sit back and relax. We enlisted the five filthiest places in the kitchen that need regular cleaning.

1. Sponges 

Sponges are one of the essential cleaning materials in your kitchen. However, a disturbing thought is that these cleaning materials are usually the most infected part of a kitchen. They always come into contact with used dishes and utensils. 

And because we usually keep them near or inside the kitchen sink, we already know that they’re filthier than a toilet.

Replace them every two weeks before they smell bad and when they have lots of wear and tear to avoid contamination. At the same time, cleaning sponges after every use with hot water and soap can prevent Salmonella and E. coli from spreading.

2. Sink 

Sinks are plumbing fixtures responsible for washing dishes and utensils and helping prepare food. But would it alarm you that your kitchen sink harbors more bacteria than your toilet? While it might be a shocker, it’s true for most households. 

Sinks are the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria because they constantly feed moisture and food particles. You usually find harmful bacteria, such as E. coli, in your sinks. This bacteria is notorious for causing severe digestive issues and fever. 

Fortunately, you can keep the sink and drain clean by washing them after every use.

3. Refrigerator 

Refrigerators, or fridges, are essential kitchen appliances. It’s responsible for storing food and keeping it fresh. Without it, food would quickly spoil. 

Many people would assume that the refrigerator’s interior is sanitary and bacteria-resistant. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. It’s one of the best places in your home for bacteria to form and thrive. 

Leaking liquids in the fridge can cause bacteria to grow in refrigerators. For example, leaking packages of chicken can deeply penetrate your refrigerator’s cracks, making it difficult to reach with cleaning solutions.

Regularly cleaning your fridge can help prevent bacteria growth.

4. Coffee Maker

For coffee lovers, the coffee maker is another essential kitchen appliance. It’s responsible for whipping up a refreshing cup of joe for a productive day. 

However, it’s among the average kitchen’s least-cleaned appliances. While clean water goes through the coffee maker, it can still harbor bacteria if you leave the water in the machine. The water inside offers a warm environment suitable for bacteria. 

We recommend you clean the coffee makers at least once every week. Completely ridding the moisture before storing it away can ensure you have a clean coffee maker. 

5. Knobs and Handles

And to cap off our list, it would be best if you did not overlook the knobs and handles of your appliances, cookware, cabinets, and drawers. 

We always touch these surfaces when preparing meals, which can harbor bacteria and mold. These harmful bacteria and mold can live on the knobs and handles for long periods if you don’t clean them regularly. 

Wiping all the knobs and handles in your kitchen with disinfectant wipes daily can prevent mold and bacteria growth and ensure everyone at home is safe.

Spick, Span, And Healthy

Your kitchen is the most active part of your home. Besides these areas, there are several other places you shouldn’t overlook. Regular cleaning can ensure everyone at home is safe and prevent bacteria and mold growth. 

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