5 Cleaning Mistakes That Make Your Home Dirtier

5 Cleaning Mistakes That Make Your Home Dirtier

What many people like to do on a Sunday morning after sleeping late, getting up, and eating breakfast, is to enjoy making a fresh café au lait and tidying up their apartments. They usually check off everything on their weekly cleaning list, but there are still things they don’t know that some of the ways they clean actually make their stuff dirtier. 

Next time, tidy up to avoid common cleaning mistakes and follow these fixes instead.

  1. Using a Feather Duster

A feather duster can make your surfaces look good, but by using one, you’re making them dirtier. If you have a hard floor, this type of duster can make tiny particles of dust spread and scatter. In addition, the little feathers can get stuck in the fibers and are very difficult to remove.

A feather duster can also have the opposite effect on upholstered furniture. No matter how often you clean it, the dust will keep returning and sticking to the feathers. The only way to remove it is to shake the duster outside or vacuum it.

  1. Using the Wrong Soap

When you wash your dishes or your floors, there are two things to consider: the piece of furniture or object you’re cleaning and the soap you’re using.

First, you must choose the right type of soap. For instance, you shouldn’t use dishwashing liquid to clean your floors. This soap leaves a residue, which can attract dust, stick to the bottom and make it look dull.

Secondly, you mustn’t use too much soap. The excess soap and the residue it leaves can make your floor or dishes look dull.

  1. Using the Same Rag around the House

Most people have a favorite rag to wash the dishes, the floors, and the countertop. If you’re like me, your favorite rag should be thick, plush, and dry. But this should be reserved for wiping down the countertop, the fridge, and the oven.

You shouldn’t use the same rag to wipe off the dust from your furniture. The more you use the same rag, the more likely dust is to stick to it. If you need to clean a filthy and sticky surface, you should use a new cloth. In addition, wiping a surface with a dirty rag can spread germs.

  1. Not Cleaning the Vacuum

Many people are so busy with work and other commitments that they don’t clean their vacuum bags. All those tiny hairs and debris will be trapped at the bottom of the bag, which can ruin your vacuum.

If your vacuum is not working correctly or making a lot of noise, you should take the bag out, wash it, and use it again.

  1. Spraying Cleaner Directly on a Surface

Spraying the cleaning liquid onto a rag and then cleaning the surface with it is the best way to clean for two reasons: you can avoid spraying on a surface that you might accidentally ruin, and you can keep this surface’s original finish.

Spraying the liquid directly is an excellent way to clean the surfaces that already have a lot of scratches or stains, like the grout between tiles in the bathroom or the floor.


There are other cleaning mistakes that you probably make, but the above five are the majority of people make. Make sure you know them and avoid making them in the future.

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