4 Easy Ways to Properly Clean Window Sills and Window Tracks

The grime and dust that accumulate on window sills and tracks come from both indoor and outdoor sources. They are most noticeable when you clean these areas because you are much closer to them. The buildup of dirt can become challenging to remove and attract even more dirt and dust.

How dirty your window sills and tracks are will depend on how much time and effort you are willing to invest. It may take a little more effort to clean the window sill and track because of the built-up dirt, but it isn’t an impossible task.

Understanding how to clean window sills and tracks properly is as important as cleaning the glass. So, consider reading through this article to know more about it.

Easy Ways to Properly Clean Window Sills and Window Tracks

1. Consider Vacuuming

If the sills are dusty, you can use a broom or soft brush to get rid of the dust. However, it would help if you were careful that you don’t scratch the wood or other materials. You can use your crevice attachment or a small handheld vacuum for this. This is an easy way to clean window sills and window tracks properly.

2. Do Some Scrubbing

In most cases, there will be some dirt or grime that needs to be removed. You can use a damp cloth and a mild detergent solution or a commercial window cleaner. However, don’t use vinegar, ammonia, or any harsh cleaner. Instead, use water or mild detergent. Ammonia can discolor wood or metal. If there is wax or grease, it is recommended to use a metal wool pad and some solvent like mineral spirits.

3. Consider Lubricating It

This will help prevent it from squeaking and make opening and closing the window easier. You can use silicone spray, but you may also be able to find a commercial lubricant designed specifically for window tracks.

4. Check the Weather Stripping

It is common for the weather stripping to wear out over time. Thus, making the windows harder to open and close. You can replace the weather stripping with new material, but you can clean it with soft soapy water if it is just worn.

Benefits of Clean Window Sills and Tracks

1. It Helps Prevent Energy Loss

Generally, an unkempt window sill and track will allow cold air and keep out any heat. They can let in moisture and keep out fresh air. This can help to make your energy bills higher. 

2. It Keeps Out Insects

If you find your windows being frequently invaded by insects, it could be due to the window sill being dirty. For instance, it may be because the window sills have become the perfect place for bugs that lay eggs. In addition, insects can enter the house and make their way to the insides of your cabinets and drawers.


Properly cleaning the window tracks and sills is essential to the overall efficiency of your windows. They may require a little more effort than ordinary but cleaning them is not complicated. When you make sure that they are clean, your house will look tidier and more comfortable. Alternatively, you can entrust the cleaning to the professionals to save the hassle.

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