10 Benefits of Office Cleaning: Health

On top of your daily to-do lists, pressing deadlines, and intense work schedule, it’s only understandable that your office may tend to become a little neglected. Sure, office cleaning may not be on the top of your priority list but did you know that it could be affecting your health as a result?

Keeping a neat and tidy office has many benefits for both your mental and physical health. Not only does staying clean promote a productive environment but you’ll be able to stay clear of those pesky sick days too!

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Why You Need to Keep Up with Your Office Cleaning:

  • Lowers Your Stress Levels
    Stress is one of the leading causes of unwanted health issues. Unfortunately, a messy work environment can be just the thing that sparks your anxiety and worries. Keeping your office clean will help ensure that you know exactly where your supplies and projects are without adding extra minutes to your day trying to get your bearings.
  • Keeps the Germs Away
    The truth is: germs spread fast. Whether you’ve recently borrowed a book from a sick colleague or you’ve just gotten over a cold yourself, germs can linger. Giving your desk and supplies a good wipe down with a trusted disinfected will reduce the risk of you coming into contact with these harmful germs.
  • Minimizes the Risk of Occupational Injury
    Occupational hazards are easily avoidable especially when it comes to keeping your office clean. If you work in a busy office or an environment full of machinery, you will know how easy it can be for something to fall over and hit you on a limb or even worse, your head.

    To avoid a trip down to the emergency room, it may be time to properly pack away unnecessary clutter. After all, even the smallest paper cut can lead to the hugest inconvenience!

  • Helps You Stay Organized
    Staying organized is key to good mental health. Having an organized office will help you keep up effective levels of productivity without leaving you to lag behind on deadlines. With everything in its place, you won’t have to worry about your boss requesting that important file that you were supposed to submit last week!
  • Improves Your Mental Health
    Office cleaning can be extremely therapeutic for those who need to press the reset button on their mental health. The few minutes you set aside to sift through papers, pack away documents, and reorganize your to-do list will give you a sense of clarity and assurance to tackle the rest of your day. With this in mind, we highly recommend that you start your workday with at least 10 minutes dedicated to sorting out your office.
  • Reduces the Risk of Coming into Contact with Harmful Substances
    Harmful substances are everywhere in the office. From printing toners to chewed down pens, it’s easy for someone to ingest these substances by accident. More so, the risk is even higher for those who work with dangerous chemicals in and around their work environment. Cleaning your office will ensure that these substances are properly stored, sealed and preserved for your safety.
  • Keeps Up Your Motivation
    A dirty environment can be detrimental to your productivity levels. The lingering dust and germs can cause health issues that lead to the feeling of lethargy which results in a lack of motivation. Even if you may not be visibly sick, headaches and poor energy levels are extremely common with having a messy office.
  • Helps Your Allergies Recover Faster
    If you suffer from dust allergies, cleaning your office is a must! Without a thorough clean, dust will easily accumulate and irritate your allergies in the process.
  • Influences Your Diet
    Surrounding yourself with clutter can quickly lead to unhealthy eating. The more mess you have around you, the more likely you will be to indulge in poor snacking. By staying prepared in the office, you will be more inclined to stay within the organizational habits at home too. This means that meal preps and a healthy diet will be easier to adapt to.
  • Keeps You Active
    Did you know that cleaning can actually help you burn more calories? By putting in a few minutes of office cleaning a day, you can get your heart rate up and the blood pumping through your body. The result: a clean office and a healthy body!

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    The bottom line is that office cleaning is essential to keeping your health in top shape. Just as your house needs a good routine clean, your office should be no different!

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