10 Life Hacks For A Clean + Organized House! Everett WA

10 Life Hacks For A Clean + Organized House! Everett WA

10 easy life hacks you NEED to know for having a clean and organized house! These are life hacks I actually use in my daily cleaning routine + how I keep my house clean and organized! Give this video a thumbs up if you like it!

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Hey guys! Today’s video is 10 life hacks that are some of my best life hacks for having a clean and organized home. I use these tips in my daily cleaning routine + they’ve helped me become a cleaner, more organized person!

I’m a naturally disorganized type of person. I like things to be clean, but I’m also the kind of person who has tons of clothes piling up in their room. These are hacks I learned in my own life that really helped me be more productive, be more organized and keep my house clean!

These are easy life hacks + easy ways that you can realistically keep your house clean. If you learn to develop these habits to keeping your house clean, it will begin to seem easy and come naturally to you. I’ve been doing these for so long that they are just my habits for keeping a clean house!


1. CLEAR COUNTERS: clear off your counters to make your place look larger + cleaner. This tip is great in rooms like bathrooms, kitchens, etc.

2. DISPLAY STORAGE: For the items you DO leave out, I like to organize in surface storage like trays. Even though the same amount of items are still out, a tray looks more intentional and organized.

3. CLEAR THE WALLS: Keep minimal wall art / decor to maximize the space in your room. Focus on one or two statement pieces. Your eye knows where to focus with one or two pieces and can truly appreciate what it adds to the room. Having a ton of photos + decor looks more messy / cluttered. [I’m sure I’ll get a comment like ‘but wait so you’re telling me to remove any personality from a room’ – no, not true. But, sure- these are tips on how to have the CLEANEST space. Get a photo album, put it on your coffee table].

4. COLOR CODE: Color coding makes maximum impact in a space. It looks so appealing to the eye + organized. This is especially great in small spaces where closets feel more cramped or are out in the open, like a studio or dorm.

5. SET TIME LIMITS + MULTI TASK: Don’t plan a day to clean, give yourself a time limit: 30 minutes, 1 hour. 30 minutes out of 24 hours doesn’t seem that daunting. Play a netflix show, listen to a podcast or an audiobook and enjoy the time.

6. PUT THINGS AWAY ONCE: Develop the habit to put things away immediately, no matter how easy it is to throw something right when you get in the door. You’re doubling the work for yourself by doing that!

7. CLEAN AS YOU GO: I like to clean as I go in situations, especially when I’m cooking. Throw out trash, put utensils in the dish washer and clean your surfaces as you go so your kitchen is mostly clean by the time you’re done.

8. ORGANIZE BY FUNCTION: I have specific storage based on function. I have one bag where I keep all of my technology- it keeps cords off tables / desks, but I also always know where those items are.

9. USE CONTAINERS: I got organizers at the container store for storage in my bathroom, kitchen etc. I separate my face products from hair products and it keeps everything organized and in place.

10. STORAGE INCEPTION: Use larger items to house smaller items that you use less frequently. I have throw pillows in my purses [also great for displaying- they keep the shape!], winter fuzzy socks in my stand up boots and extra pillows / blankets in my larger suitcases.

These are easy life hacks that will you develop habits to have a clean and organized house! Let me know if you guys like videos like this by giving this video a thumbs up and letting me know in the comments! xx  

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