Top Cleaning Advice From Airbnb Hosts

There’s no doubt that cleanliness is essential to guests. According to Airbnb statistics, one of the main reasons visitors write a terrible review is uncleanliness. Alternatively, if your room is immaculate, your listing may receive a “Sparkling Clean” evaluation.

These alone should compel you to continue investing in your Airbnb. Sometimes, however, you’ll need a little help. That said, we’ve gathered these top cleaning advice from the best Airbnb hosts on the platform:

Advice #1: Housekeeping Is Different for Every Guest

Even a dust bunny here and there is OK, but your visitors will let you know if it bothers them. More meticulous cleaning is required when cleaning for guests than when cleaning for your household. 

Here, you’re doing chores to clean up after the previous guest, but you are also getting ready for the next one. Don’t forget to free up space around the house, in closets, under beds, and in fridges. 

Advice #2: Zoom in on Crucial Spots

Eligible visitors will request new towels, bedding, floors, and a clean restroom. Of course, we all want to avoid the feeling that their shower or bedroom is unclean. Such areas need to be cleaned entirely between each guest. 

Meanwhile, other work, like cleaning the ceiling fan or replacing the shower curtain, can be performed less frequently. Investing in regular, thorough cleans can help you save time in the long term since you will avoid excessive labor in between appointments.

Advice #3: Prevent Awkward Scenarios

If a guest finds someone else’s hair in their room, they are less likely to enjoy their stay. This is why it’s crucial to clean spots, such as bathroom drains regularly to ensure that every corner is spotless.

Advice #4: Bid Unnecessary Items Farewell

Decorative things may make a space look more lived-in, but they also bring in the dust. When sharing a home, limit your personal belongings to a minimum. It may make the area look bare, but it also means guests have a lot of room for their belongings, and it’s easier to keep the space tidy.

Advice #5: Seek Assistance If Necessary

Inform your cleaning service of precise instructions if you won’t be able to clean by yourself. In case your go-to cleaner fails, it is recommended that you select a backup one as well. 

Remember, you may charge for the time spent to maintain your area tidy. Bookings can be scheduled well in advance to allow plenty of time for a complete cleaning before the next visitor comes. Keeping your reservation preferences updated will help you save delays between reservations.

Golden Note: Make Use of this Checklist

For each home, hosts have many ways to improve their cleaning. Below are a few noteworthy examples:

  • Do the laundry first.
  • Polish hardwood floors.
  • Keep your light switches clean.
  • Look in the drawer, under the bed, and in the bedside cabinets.
  • Make sure to clean light fixtures, ceiling corners, and window sills.
  • Make sure to include the shower curtain.
  • Fold the tissue paper.
  • Refill shampoo, body shower gels, hand soaps, and sanitizing alcohol.


A great way to be an effective host is to put yourself in the shoes of your guests. As a paying customer, you will want to receive what you pay for—cleanliness, excellent service, and a beautiful space. Beyond this, ensuring cleanliness is also a perfect way to protect everybody’s health and prevent illnesses, infections, and diseases.

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