Top 5 Carpet Stains You’ll Need to Hire a Professional For

Top 5 Carpet Stains You’ll Need to Hire a Professional For

Spots and spills can ruin your immaculate carpet in an instant, turning your hefty investment into a faded, discolored, and shabby-looking eyesore if not addressed promptly.

A DIY technique may work for some stains, but certain stains are more stubborn and require professional carpet cleaning to remove entirely. Here are five of the most common stains that need professional cleaning.

  1. Pet Stains

Stains from your pets are inevitable. As much as we adore our dogs, it’s pretty hard putting up with their mess bombs on the new carpet.

If you deal with the mishap right away, you may be able to avoid permanent discoloration. However, pet stains often go undetected for minutes or even hours. The damage has been done at this point, and you’ll have a persistent stain on your hands.

Even if you successfully remove the bulk of a pet stain and avoid discoloration, the residual odor is an issue that most ordinary cleaning solutions can’t fix.

A professional stain remover service is your best chance for thoroughly removing pet stains and smells.

  1. Coffee

We’ve all had our fair share of sleepy and clumsy mornings. In fact, given that people are in a morning rush most of the time, it’s a miracle that coffee doesn’t get spilled on the carpet more often.

If you have a coffee spill in the morning, you probably don’t have time to clean it up properly, so it lies there under a mound of paper towels until you come home from work. It may be too late at this point to entirely remove the stain on your own.

  1. Blood

Whether you cut your finger or your child gets a nosebleed, nearly everyone will have to deal with blood stains at some time in their lives. 

Bloodstains usually stick because our initial reaction is to stop the bleeding (as should be!), and it is only afterward that we notice that blood drops/spray splattered on your white carpet like a crime scene. When you get to the bloodstain, it’s usually profoundly absorbed already.

  1. Marker and Ink 

A pen that decides to burst open on you is one of life’s worst annoyances. And if a pen gets ink all over your rug or carpet, you’re in for a wipe fest that’ll usually do nothing but spread the ink further.

Ink stains penetrate deeply and damage your carpet’s fibers. Like the other stains, many home solutions or strong cleansers can cause carpet damage.

Markers, in addition to broken pens, are a leading cause of carpet stains. If you’re lucky, the stain will be caused by a washable marker, making cleanup a breeze. If you’re not, you’ll have to deal with a permanent marker stain. Call a professional carpet cleaning service if you have ugly marker streaks or ink blots on your carpet.

  1. Red Wine

If you’ve ever spilled a whole glass of Merlot on the carpet, you’ve undoubtedly had the “oh no!” reaction. Red wine is notorious for its rapid penetration and removal difficulty, even if you catch it quickly. The same is true for grape juice and other berries, which contribute to the stain’s stickiness. 

If a red wine stain is retained for a few days, it may become hard to remove after it has penetrated the carpet’s backing. On the other hand, fresh stains may have a high possibility of being completely removed with expert carpet cleaning.


If you’re faced with ugly stains or lingering odors that you can’t get rid of on your own, contact a professional. Even if your carpets don’t have any apparent stains, you should still bring in a professional carpet cleaning service at least once a year. Annual cleanings not only extend the life of your carpets and rugs but also enhance the air quality in your house.

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